2,000$ essay contest for current and prospective students!

How my college helps me become a better specialist in the future

Search.University, a vast database of colleges and universities, announces an essay contest with a 2,000$ award. We provide information on U.S. educational institutions to help students make the right choice, and are happy to run a contest to encourage current students to help others too.

Deadline: December 15, 2017
Applicants: current or incoming students
Recipient: 1
Prize: 2,000$

Theme: How my college helps me become a better specialist in the future

Essay Requirements:

  • Minimum 250 words, no upper limit
  • Text must be unique, structured and thought-out

We expect you to share knowledge and experience, show a thorough understanding of the topic, give an insight into the educational institution you are currently studying at or have chosen to enroll in. Make your essay useful for other students, current and prospective.

How to submit an essay:

Send your essay to an email [email protected] as a text file in .doc or .pdf format. Indicate the name of the competition (Search University Essay Contest) in the email subject line.

Indicate your name, age and the educational institution you study at or plan to enroll in.

Eligibility Criteria:

You must be a current student or plan to apply to a U.S. college or university to participate in the contest.


You give your consent to the publication of your essay on the Search.University website by participating in the contest.

The winner's name will be announced in the e-mail newsletter of the Search.University website from December 17 to December 22, 2017.

SU Essay Contest starts July 1!

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