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Search.University is your guide to a vast database of colleges and universities. Our convenient tool creates a customized report with the best and most suitable institutions based on your personal preferences and info!

Buy the personalized intelligent report for 8,99$ only!

  • You don’t have to browse through colleges for hours and hours anymore - our tool does all the job in seconds! Analysis of the heaps of colleges is so simple now.

  • You’ll know which documents you should prepare and which test to take, SAT or ACT.

  • Our tool forms the list and groups of colleges based on your preferences and document you already have. Ultimate personalization!

  • SU Tool is your helper in planning application process ahead.

You enter

  • SAT or ACT scores

  • Documents you already have

  • State you want to study in and state you live in

  • Major

  • Format: online or on-campus education

  • Required tuition fee

Know state, major, tuition fee, a format of education, but haven’t decided which test to take - SAT or ACT? We’ve got you covered! You’ll a get a suggestion of the most suitable test for your preferences in the report.

If you don’t have documents for college application yet, we’ll provide you with a list of institutions with a minimum set of documents required.

What do you receive?

A customized report, list of colleges and universities fitting your criteria and personal info the best.

Each institution is marked as more or less suitable, with more or fewer chances to get in. Making the report even more convenient to use.

I can use filters when exploring colleges. Why do I need a report?

Our report comprises a customized list of institutions and suggestions, based on your personal info and preferences. Filters lack that depth and detailed customization a report has:

  • Filters include only ranges of test scores, no precise results

  • Just 4 tuition fees ranges, you сan’t choose exact cost you are willing to pay

  • You don’t get an estimation of chances to get into colleges

  • No option to group colleges or specify documents for application for further filtration.

You just can’t get the same amount of information using filters. Buy a customized report and enjoy thorough, detailed and customized list of colleges suitable just for you.

*Reports are based on data from the National Center of Education Statistics and may not include the latest changes - be sure to check with the universities' links in the report, to see if nothing has changed.

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