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Safe and Sound? The Safest and Most Dangerous Campuses in U.S.

Neglecting how safe or dangerous the campus is isn’t the best idea when you decide which college to choose. Campus safety comprises a bunch of issues. It’s not only crime rates, patrol cars or security. It’s also students’ health, wellness, security services and programs, low discrimination rates, a presence of violence against women act, etc. That’s why smaller college doesn’t always mean safer college: larger universities have more resources to implement new technologies and maintain preventive programs and safety departments.

We’ve prepared lists of the safest and the most dangerous campuses in the US, so you know colleges you should avoid and colleges that deserve your attention regarding staying safe and sound while getting a degree.

Top safest colleges

In their recent study, examined 179k students surveys regarding how safe they feel on their campus and safety reports for the 100 most attended universities. Based on the crime rates and students perception they picked the safest colleges and universities in three categories: the lowest rate of campus crime, the most visible campus police and the highest percentage of students who feel safe.

Clemson University has the lowest crime rate - 0,002 crimes per 1k students. University has safety campus, providing info on how to behave in an emergency, how to avoid such emergencies, emergency numbers and all kind of useful information regarding the safety issue. Clemson also has safety twitter for immediate news, alerts, and photos of the attackers and assailants.

Fashion Institute of Technology in NY got the second place with 0,0044 crimes per 1000 students. Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago is the third in the crime rate - 0,0061 crime per 1k.

Students believe that Concordia University in Ann Arbor has the most visible police presence. And this factor is extremely crime preventive - knowing that the police are watching can stop a person from impulsive crimes.

Apparently, students feel the safest in the Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio - 80% of its students reported they have an overall sense of safety on campus.

The most dangerous colleges

Each year FBI comes up with a list of the most dangerous colleges, based on the data from the local law enforcement. Here are the top 5 most dangerous campuses according to the 2015 data.

1.Rice University with 3171 crimes per 100k students. This number contains 4 violent crimes.

2. Austin College campus had  2,613 crimes per 100k with 1 violent incident.

3. Texas Southern University got the third place with 2,512 crime rate and 2 violent crimes.

4. Southwestern University (2,210 crimes per 100k students)

5. Sul Ross State University (1,983 crimes per 100k students).

Now you know what college options you should dodge or at least bring a pepper spray.

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