The 10 Best Engineering Colleges of 2017

The 10 Best Engineering Colleges of 2017

So you’ve watched plenty of Top Gear and Mythbusters episodes, moved to Extreme Engineering series on Netflix and Big, Bigger, Biggest documentary. Now you are exploring the cutting edge engineering breakthroughs and are definite with your calling - you aspire to be an engineer. The next step is to decide which college will serve your interests best, which one has better research platform, better funding, and the most exciting projects, which delivers the best education level, producing creative and skilled engineers.

We’ve prepared a list of 10 best engineering colleges, describing their programs, research and academic focuses, and opportunities available for their students. Read and explore, and we hope it will be helpful when it’s time to decide.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The School of Engineering is the biggest of 5 MIT schools. 70% of institute’s undergraduates and 45% of graduates have chosen engineering as their major. Half of all the sponsored MIT research is conducted at the School of Engineering.

The School of Engineering consists of 10 departments and 60 research centers, laboratories and institutes. There are flexible degree programs (this, this and this one), where you can choose subjects to build your own course. An expanded array of opportunities is available for the aspiring students. First-year students learn how to use 3D printers, laser cutters, drill presses and bandsaws at the training program MakerLodge, MIT Sandbox funds students ideas, start-ups, and innovations, students participate in the cutting edge research alongside faculty. MISTI offers internships, teaching and research opportunities abroad: 1 in 3 MIT students is matched with an international project each year.

An interesting thing about MIT is that you don’t have to choose your major or minor as soon as you are accepted. A student is admitted to the entire Institute and has a whole freshman year of seminars, lectures and academic fairs from MIT departments to explore and scrutinize to make a decision later in a sophomore year.

2. Stanford University

Stanford Engineering concentrates on the multidisciplinary approach to teaching and research. The degree programs combine several branches of learning and various subjects to create a versatile understanding of the majors. Architectural design and innovative technologies blend in the Architectural Design program, Biomechanical Engineering combines engineering mechanics, design, biology and clinical medicine, Engineering Physics integrates math and physics with design and analytical skills.

The School of Engineering consists of 9 departments, 5 institutes and 56 labs and centers, involving students in the research work focused on solving the daunting world problems. Research efforts are aimed at climate change, affordable and accessible healthcare, bioengineering, network security, automation and robotics, etc.

Global Engineering Programs give students a chance to learn global, build networks and get work experience through real projects. GEP offers service learning programs, international internships and research opportunities.

Stanford University

3. University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley degree programs cover an extensive range of disciplines and subdisciplines, diversity of majors, minors and hybrid curricula allows everyone find a perfect fit. There are 11 majors offered, a possibility to choose joint (programs combine the requirements for two majors) or double majors (if joint programs don’t cover your areas of interest, you can declare two specific majors). There is also an opportunity to gain two separate degrees, declaring majors from different Berkeley schools or colleges.

Berkeley college of engineering also offers an Engineering Undeclared program in case you’ve browsed all the multitude of available programs and are still not sure which major is suitable for you. Through the Undeclared program student has four semesters to declare a major officially. Note, that undeclared program is quite competitive.

Berkeley engineering school gives its students an opportunity to study and gain experience abroad for a semester, an academic year or a summer. Berkeley promotes research collaborations and visiting students programs through GLOBE partnership.

4. California Institute of Technology

5. Georgia Institute of Technology

6. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

7. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

8. Carnegie Mellon University

9. Cornell University

10. Purdue University-West Lafayette

This is our list of leading colleges providing the finest engineering education currently, based on students surveys, program demands and research expenditures. Do you agree with our choice? Which uni are you planning to apply to?

If you are already an engineering student, don’t hesitate to tell us about your college and research in the comment section below.

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