Side Hustle: 17 Best Jobs For College Students

Side Hustle: 17 Best Jobs For College Students

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Recently, my adorable little cousin Ashley turned out to become a grown up human, who will be leaving to study chemical engineering at UC Berkeley soon. Her loan company offers an option to pay interest payments off. So she decided to do that while she is still studying: these relatively small amounts can significantly affect your loan balance in the long term.

Healthy financial habits and smart budgeting will surely help reduce expenses and save money, but she obviously needs an extra source of income. As she will be a full-time undergraduate student, it has to be a part-time job with no degree required, which won’t interfere with her studies. We’ve done a research and here are the top 18 options we’ve discovered. Hope this info will help you out if you are struggling with a similar situation or are just testing the waters.

1. On-campus options

On-campus jobs are a good fit regarding work and study schedule balance: on-campus employers understand academic demands and are used to staff changes due to course fluctuations. Besides, working on-campus helps meet new people, particularly faculty and staff, and build a valuable network.

1. Work at a college café

Food service jobs can give you 10-20 working hours per week with a wage starting at $9 an hour. Working as a barista will save $5 you spend on your latte each day. And сashier and making drinks skills can come in handy if you decide to move to other restaurant or café jobs later for extra cash.

2. Mail Room Attendant

A job at a mailroom is a good option, as you may work in your dormitory and meet more residents. There also tends to be enough spare time to do some reading or complete your assignments, which is a substantial advantage.

3. Library Attendant

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A perfect position for book lovers- 4 to 8 hours shifts in silence surrounded by books sounds like an excellent work to me. Library Attendant job is to keep a working environment and maintain order - make sure there is no loud talking, food, and drinks. You can also get your school tasks done while working.

4. Teaching Assistant

There is an option to apply for a teaching assistant position with a salary starting at $10 an hour and 40 hours of work a week if you are a high-performing student. Your responsibilities will cover exams proctoring, grading papers, and in some cases hosting seminars and discussions for students.

5. Peer Tutor

Do you have a favorite subject you are good at? If so, you can do peer tutoring. Most of the colleges have educational centers providing academic advising and tutoring, and you can apply for an official tutor position there.

6. Administrative Assistant

There are usually administrative positions available at academic departments or staff offices, like career and student services, study abroad centers, etc. Assistants answer the phone calls, help with paperwork and emails. The job requires 3-15 hours a week with salary usually starting at $9,7 an hour.

7. Resident Assistant

Resident assistant controls resident’s safety and organizes meetings and activities. You should apply early for this position, but it has an incredibly attractive benefit - free housing, which will save you a lot of money.

8. Campus Tour Guide

A great fit for active and energetic extroverts. You will interact with potential students telling them about your school and showing them around.

To find out about positions available on campus talk to your professors, step by career services, ask your peers and don’t ignore college's job boards (online and cork).

2. Working off-campus

Off-campus jobs are usually paid better and can often provide experience relevant to the student’s course of study.

PayScale, a salary listings website, searched through its vast database of 40 million salary reports and picked highest-paying jobs suitable for students: all jobs are part-time, require fewer than 32 hours a week and don’t require a degree.

9. Restaurant host, hostess

Hosts greet visitors and keep tables full of courses and snacks. A median hourly wage is $10.70 per hour, and the busiest shifts fall to nights and weekends so you won’t miss classes. In some cases, you can even expect tips. And free food from the kitchen is a big perk.

10. Office clerk, administrative assistant

Though this job can be dull, it will give you an insight into the office work and a potential career. A median salary is $10.70 per hour. It’s a good way to gain experience in the company you’d like to work for after graduation.

11. Tutor

Tutoring is a flexible job, as you set your own schedule. You can concentrate on subjects you enjoy and earn at least $10.70 per hour. You can tutor kids after their classes, which means you won’t miss yours.

12. Tax Preparer

A perfect option for business students. Tax preparer assists accountants with clients’ finances, helps to keep them in order. You’ll need robust organizational skills and will master the spreadsheets. The average hourly rate at this position is $12.20 per hour.

13. Bank Teller

Bank teller earns $11.60 per hour on average. Tellers work with customers and perform routine financial transactions, like loan payments, withdrawals, deposits, etc. After this job, you’ll be an expert of balancing the checkbooks.

14. Orderly

If you are going to pursue a career in medicine after graduation, working as an orderly will be a right choice. You’ll get an insight into the medical field, make valuable connections and gain real-life experience. Night and evening shifts make the job perfect for full-time students, who have classes during the daytime. A median hourly wage is $11.45 per hour.

15. Bookkeeper

Are you good at math? If so, a bookkeeper job is a perfect fit. Bookkeepers run cash registers, help customers with special requests, maintain records related to cash accountability. A median hourly salary is $12.70 per hour.

16. Dental Receptionist

Dental Receptionists make $14.10 per hour on average. An ideal job if you are interested in dental care career. It can be difficult to combine full-time studies with dental receptionist job, but it is perfect for part-time students, attending night classes.

17. Massage Therapist

You can earn $22.00 per hour as a massage therapist. Quite an impressive income as for a side job. But you’ll need to complete a certificate course.

There is a wealth of options beyond PayScale’s list. Check for positions at local businesses. You can work as a sales associate at the boutiques (perk: clothes and accessories discounts), take a job at a local bookstore or bike shop and you’ll be able to study during downtime. You can get free classes at a local yoga or fitness studio working at a front desk associate position. You can earn $12.80 per hour babysitting. It’s a great side job option. You’ll have extra time for studies during kids’ naps. Go to sites like SitterCity and UrbanSitter to search for nanny job opportunities near you. Food service jobs off-campus as a server or a waiter provide fast cash and tip. You can also start your career as a freelancer while completing a degree. Global freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork have tons of freelance work opportunities.

3. Federal Work-Study

Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, provides work-study jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need. It gives priority to the public engagement jobs and jobs relevant to the student’s field of study. The jobs are available to the full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students.

There are on- and off-campus jobs. On campus job usually means work for your school, off-campus is a community service work for a private nonprofit organization, a public agency.

Learn more and apply for federal aid here.

4. It will be tough

So there is a wealth of options to earn extra cash and still study full-time. As soon as my cousin gets used to the new college life and figures out her schedule, she will search for a suitable job. And maybe she’ll be able to pay off some additional money towards her loan, besides the interest due.

Have you ever combined work and studies? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below.

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