Best 15 Online Colleges for 2017

Best 15 Online Colleges for 2017

Proper education helps to build a career and get promotions, earn more and live better. Though, not everyone has an opportunity to gallop off to college to obtain a degree, the more difficult it gets if you are a working adult. One has to continually develop professional skills and gain new ones to have a competitive advantage. Therefore distance education is so attractive and the enrollments are continuously growing. Babson research shows that 5.8 million students are engaged in distance learning, including fully online students and those who take some of their courses in the online format.

The employers have nothing against this tendency. According to the Excelsior College and Zogby International survey, 83% of respondents (CEOs and small business owners) think that degrees obtained online are as valid as classical on-campus ones.

There are so many options, as most of the colleges provide online programs, that it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. If you are struggling to find a perfect online college, don’t worry, cause we’ve got you covered with our list of the 15 best online colleges, which deliver fully online programs to obtain undergrad and grad degrees.

1. University of Central Florida

This public research university located in Orlando was originally opened as Florida Technological University in 1968 with main academic interests being engineering and technology. It’s major aim was to cover the cadre needs of the rapidly evolving (at the time) U.S. space program on the Space Coast of Florida. Spheres of interests soon expanded and went far beyond engineering and technology. So in 1978 the institution was renamed into the University of Central Florida. Now UСF contributes in the work of a voluntary organization Florida Space Grant Consortium, which actively participates and encourages development of the space industry in the region.

UCF has been providing online education for 20 years. Degrees and certificates available for distance students include an extensive range of various fields and subjects from arts, health and management to sciences, criminal justice and engineering fields.

The University of Central Florida has 114 online programs in total, including 45 bachelor’s and 66 master’s programs master’s programs. The tuition costs 13724$ per semester, which makes it the 3rd affordable college.

2. Drexel University

Drexel University, founded by a philanthropist Anthony Drexel, first began its educational work in 1894. The core element of Drexel’s programs is the cooperative educational program. Such co-op program involves full-time jobs in the corresponding field, which allows the scholars to acquire crucial experience for the subsequent сareers before they graduate. In 2017 U.S. News & World Report’s ranking recognized Drexel University the 14th of 27 most innovative schools.

You can obtain a B.S. in Behavioral Health Counseling and in Health Services Administration. Furthermore, there is a convenient RN to BSN program, allowing already registered nurses to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing online without the need to leave their nursing job.

The Drexel University offers 252 online programs in total, including 39 bachelor’s and 90 master’s programs master’s programs. The tuition fee is 35219$ per semester, which makes it the 15th affordable college.

3. University of Arizona

Established in 1885, the University ofArizona became the first university to open its doors in the whole Arizona Territory. The university has some impressive rankings. It was recognized the 68th finest university in the world by the The Center for World University Rankings, got 60th and 124th places in the U.S. News & World Report list of top public schools and national universities correspondingly. UA is extremely active in the research field, gaining a Carnegie RU/VH: Research Universities classification, which corresponds the very high research activity. So it gets quite a substantial funding into its research work worth $606 million every year.

Distance students get full online support and can access course materials at any time of day. Online programs and courses include consultation and discussion sessions, which are usually pre-scheduled. However, some have more self-paced format, like this art, media & entertainment course .

The University of Arizona provides 75 online programs in total, including 3 bachelor’s and 26 master’s programs master’s programs. The tuition fee is 15215$ per semester, which makes it the 5th affordable college.

4. Brandman University

5. Liberty University

6. East Carolina University

7. University of Alabama

8. Southern New Hampshire University

9. Oregon State University

10. Florida Institute of Technology

11. Pennsylvania State University

12. LeTourneau University

13. Fort Hays State University

14. Ottawa University

15. University of Minnesota

Online degree programs provide more accessible education, as online education is usually more affordable than on-campus one. You can carry on working full-time while completing the degree. Note that accredited universities may offer financial aid for their distance students as well. There are also grants and scholarships available for distance learning. So don’t waste an opportunity and dig into the information on the colleges’ official websites.

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