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27 Law School Supplies: Must-Haves You Need Going to Law School

Many students are looking forward to going to law school. It is an exciting time for a lot of students, and they are ready for the challenge ahead. And with that comes the hunt for the best notebooks, the sharpest pens, and the most comfortable briefcases.

Fortunately, most law schools have detailed lists on their websites. But, if you need help getting an idea of what you really need, read this post about law school supplies that will come in handy.


I want to start a law school shopping list with electronic devices you will need. This list has techies and non-techies alike, but everyone should have the following items.


A laptop is a big part of your law school life. You'll need to use it to take notes, read cases and briefs, and write papers. But a laptop is also a big help for other things, such as staying in touch with friends and family, preparing for exams, and doing some personal admin work.

What’s important to have is a laptop that’s easy to carry around and is good for writing. There are several advantages to having a laptop for law school.

You can type a lot faster than you can write, and you can make corrections and additions as you write without mess. This is a big advantage when it comes to taking and reviewing notes.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Acer offers consumers the best of both worlds with the Aspire 5 Slim laptop. They offer a laptop that has the power and speed of a laptop and the portability of a tablet.

This model is a lightweight laptop for law students that features a true harmony technology, an AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile Graphics, 4GB DDR4 Memory, and 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD. It has a higher level of security than many other laptops and has a battery life of up to 7.5 hours.

Wireless mouse

A wireless mouse gives you the freedom to work and move around the room without worrying about unplugging and plugging the mouse into the USB port; it frees you from the hassle of wires that can get tangled or caught in a door handle. Plus, wireless models are a good choice for the comfort-conscious student who needs to work long hours at the computer.

Uiosmuph G12 Wireless Mouse

Uiosmuph G12 Wireless Mouse

This mouse is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about constantly changing the batteries. It also has 7 different color changes that are created randomly, creating a cool and fancy atmosphere for work and play. The mouse also has an energy-saving feature. So, if you’re not using it for 8 minutes, it will turn off to save battery life.


Not only do most law schools allow students to use their iPads for class, but some schools have begun to require them.

We have plenty of reasons why we think it's worthwhile, but the most important is that it makes it easy to access the library's online resources without having to be on campus. This is especially helpful for students who are working in the DC area or who are not from the campus area, as it makes the online resources more accessible and easier to work with.

2020 Apple iPad

2020 Apple iPad

This iPad offers a number of features that make it more functional than the iPad before it. The 10.2-inch Retina display is stunning, and the A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine will make it easier for law students to study.

The device also has a back camera, a FaceTime HD front camera, and stereo speakers. The 2020 Apple iPad also features a Lightning connector for charging and accessories and Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay.

The 2020 Apple iPad is a groundbreaking device that will help law students study more efficiently.


You need a printer for a law school because you need to print out your notes, outlines, case briefs, your homework, the briefs in the case you are writing on, and anything else that you need.

HP Deskjet Compact Printer

HP Deskjet Compact Printer

If you are looking for a printer that can fit anywhere, you need to take a look at the HP Deskjet Compact Printer. This model is small and designed to be placed on your desk, desk shelf, or anywhere you need it.

It is energy star certified and uses original HP ink cartridges for 2x the pages as refilled cartridges. Not only is it small, but it is also great for the environment. You can buy ink cartridges for this printer at a great price and then recycle them for money to help the environment.

The HP Deskjet Compact Printer is a reliable printer with a sleek design. This printer is small, lightweight, and has a compact design.

Noise-canceling headphones

Reading, writing, studying, and class discussions all require a LOT of concentration. You can’t afford to be distracted by the noise around you. When you’re in a library, you need to be able to focus on your work. Otherwise, you will find yourself falling behind the curve.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are headphones that have a noise-canceling feature. This is achieved by the headphone blocking out any unwanted sound that is outside of the ear. These headphones are over-ear, and the ear cups are made of leather. It has a 3.94-foot long cord, which is made from oxygen-free copper wire.

These headphones also have a frequency response of 10-22000Hz and can last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

Power bank

Power banks are becoming ubiquitous. They are small, lightweight, and are a great way to ensure your phone or tablet has sufficient power to last through the day.

Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh Power Bank

Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh Power Bank

This is a high-capacity device that will charge your phone up to seven times. It is sleek and compact, weighing in at a mere 12.5 ounces. It is compatible with any device that uses a USB cable to charge and has a power IQ and voltage boost to provide you with a fast charge.

The power bank has an Anker MultiProtect safety system and uses LG batteries. It can be recharged in 10 hours when used with a 2 amp charger and in 20 hours with a 1 amp charger.


To continue the theme of the post, I have a whole bunch of stationery. Its importance cannot be understated.


You will be writing a lot (I'm talking way more than you think), and it's nice to have something to write with.

Pilot G2 Premium Gel Pens

Pilot G2 Premium Gel Pens

If you are not a fan of writing with sharpies or having to use various colors, get a couple of these. I personally like these pens. Not only can you write with them, but they are also highlighters, and you can even erase with them!

Anker Pilot pens are smooth writing pens with a comfortable rubber grip. They come in a variety of colors, including three new pastel and three metallic colors. These pens are made in Japan and come with 3 refills as well as a stylus.

Uni-ball Retractable Gel Pens

Uni-ball Retractable Gel Pens

Uni-ball retractable gel pens are a great way to make a statement with your writing, not only because of the vibrant colors but because of the ink that is used. These pens are made with uni Super Ink which is water, fading, and fraud resistant.

Uni-ball Gel Pens are refillable and come with a color-matching barrel. The pens come in a pack of 8, each with a different color.


This doesn’t need much explanation, really. You will need pens, pencils, and highlighters. I found pencils to be the most useful for note-taking. I used a mechanical pencil with .03 lead, and it was perfect.

BIC Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencil

BIC Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencil

The pencil is larger than the average pencil and has a sleek, modern design with a clear barrel and vibrant clip. The #2 lead advances easily and does not smudge. This makes it perfect for standardized tests where erasing is not allowed.


You’ll need highlighters to mark the most important parts of the reading (conceited action to make sure you comprehend the reading), to show your professor that you have done all the reading (condescending attitude towards a highlighter, of course), to emphasize the most important sentences in a case, which are the holding and the analysis.

Sharpie 8-Pack Highlighter Stick

Sharpie 8-Pack Highlighter Stick

The clear tip on these highlighters allows you to highlight neatly and evenly all the way across the page, and the slim barrel makes it easy to control the highlighter.

Plus, the fine chisel end draws thicker lines for highlighting or thin lines for underlining, and these highlighters resist the smearing of many pen and marker inks. What more could you ask for?

Correction tape

Correction tape is a sticky tape used to correct mistakes on documents. The tape is available in different widths, lengths, and colors. It is especially helpful when you have to correct a lot of mistakes.

I advise against liquid correctors as they tend to separate and bleed into surrounding areas, and you need to wait until it dries out.

BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape

BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape

BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape is an alternative for those who want to make a correction without having to write over the error with a pen. This correction tape is film-based rather than paper, and it's designed to make corrections on a variety of surfaces.

One of the many benefits of this correction tape is that it is dry and can be written on instantly. The tape itself is 39.3 feet long, and the translucent dispenser has a soft rubber grip.


There are a number of reasons why a law student should use a binder. First, law school can be stressful, even for the most well-organized student. Keeping all of your assignments and class materials organized and in one place can make a big difference in how you feel.

Second, when you are reviewing previous case studies, it is helpful to be able to look at all of the cases from one class together.

Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder

Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder

Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder is a great option for law students because these binders can hold up to 175 sheets of paper.

These binders are made for light, everyday use and are ideal for organizing projects, presentations, and more. This is because these binders come with 2 interior pockets for storing loose sheets.

This product comes with customized front and back covers and spines, thanks to the transparent plastic overlay.

Three-hole punch

The three-hole punch is essential. Not only will you have to use it every time you want to staple something to a brief, but you will also need to use it to put your legal pad in your binder.

It is important to have a three-hole punch because it allows you to organize your notes and materials in a way that makes the most sense to you. This is helpful because it allows you to efficiently find the information that you need to complete your assignments.

Bostitch Three-Hole Punch

Bostitch Three-Hole Punch

It is a low-force design that makes it 40% easier to use, and it can punch through up to 12 sheets of paper with the cutting dies. Moreover, the easy-to-use empty waste collection compartment makes it easier to empty the hole punch when finished.


Staplers are a crucial element to law students. Particularly, in law school, students are required to read and examine cases, statutes, and other sources of law. One of the main ways to show attention to these readings is to staple them together.

This will allow students to have a specific organization of their readings, which is a crucial element to understanding the material.

Office Depot Stapler Set

Office Depot Stapler Set

If you're looking for a colorful, fun, and functional staple remover, this is the product for you. This office staple remover comes in a variety of colors so you can organize your paper in your favorite color.

Its vibrant color can brighten up any desk, and it includes a stapler that can accommodate up to 20 sheets of 20-lb paper. This office stapler is a must-have for any student!

Loose-leaf paper

There is nothing more important than having loose-leaf paper in a law school. It is the best way to take notes and highlight the important points of a case, a statute, or a rule. By having loose-leaf paper, students can arrange their notes in their own way and can take advantage of the blank space.

Five Star Loose Leaf Paper

Five Star Loose Leaf Paper

Five Star Loose Leaf Paper is the perfect paper for law students. The paper is reinforced with a stronger tape that resists tearing from rings and is more durable than the competition. It is made in the USA and comes in a pack of 100 sheets.

Five Star has doubled the strength of the competition to provide a high-quality writing surface and resist ink bleed. It is college ruled and has triangle-shaped holes for easy turning. It is the best paper for law students.


The importance of having folders in law school cannot be emphasized enough. It is essential to keep track of all your work and all your notes. Law school is one of the few schools where you are going to get actual homework assignments, and you will need to be prepared. Folders are a great way to keep all of your assignments organized and easy to find.

School Smart 2-Pocket Folders

School Smart 2-Pocket Folders

School Smart 2-Pocket Folders are a great way to organize your papers. These folders come in a variety of bright colors and are sturdy, so they can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. They're a great way to stay organized!


As you will see, the notion of a ‘notebook’ is at the heart of law school. You will use law school notebooks for everything from outlining cases to taking notes in class to recording your personal thoughts and reflections.

If you have ever been taught to write both sides of an argument down on a sheet of paper and then try and ‘balance’ the two sides, you will find your notes much easier to understand in law school.

Mead Spiral Notebooks

Mead Spiral Notebooks

Mead Spiral Notebooks act as a notebook and a binder to help you stay organized in and out of class. The spiral notebook is a durable, easy-to-use notebook for note-taking. This option offers the best notebooks for law school to keep yourself organized.

The spiral binding is made to resist uncoiling, and the paper is perforated, so it tears out easily.

Index cards

Your success in a law school depends on many factors: your study habits, work ethic, and how you manage your time, just to name a few. But arguably, the most important factor is the quality of your notes.

Everything you’ll learn in law school is covered in your reading assignments, and your ability to understand those readings and apply them to your exams will separate you from your classmates.

The solution is index cards. If you’re not familiar, index cards are a great way to write down your thoughts and organize them. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from organizing a research project to writing a story, but they’re especially useful for law students.

Amazon Basics Index Cards

Amazon Basics Index Cards

The Amazon Basics Index Cards are a pack of 100 white heavy-weight index cards that are ruled on one side to make it easy to take notes. If you are a law student, these index cards are perfect for your studies, making lists, and more. They are a necessity to keep track of your notes and are easy to store and easily accessible.


To be successful in law school, you need to be organized. You need to know when each class is, when papers are due, when exams are scheduled, etc. Without a planner, this is much more difficult. You need to write down all of these dates and times, and then you need to keep track of all of that information.

When you have a planner, you can just fill it out, and then you don't have to worry about remembering all of the dates and times.

BK Undated Planner

BK Undated Planner

If you're looking for a new way to organize your life, look no further than the BK Undated Planner. This planner is a fit for daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term goal setting and tracking.

The planner comes with a flexible structure which is perfect for law students. This item has various features that are sure to make you more productive and on top of your game.

Features include a vegan leather cover, elastic closure, and pen holder loop, extra items like monthly divider stickers, 2 bookmarks, and a back pocket, and a 2021-2022 calendar on the back page.

Other Useful Things

What other things you need for law school? Read to find out.


This is a must. A backpack will be your best friend for the entire period of your education. You will probably do most of your reading in your dorm or with your friends sitting around a table, but you will spend most of your time walking around campus during your first year, and you will want a backpack that is comfortable for you to carry.

Mancro Laptop Backpack

Mancro Laptop Backpack

The Mancro laptop backpack is perfect for law students. It is a durable and lightweight backpack for carrying laptops, tablets, and other important items. It has a built-in USB charger and an anti-theft lock for securing valuables.

The backpack is made from water-resistant and durable Eco-friendly nylon fabric and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. The backpack has a slanted front pocket perfect for quick finds such as your ID for work, keys for opening the door, and two side pockets for water bottles and compact umbrellas.

Scarleton Reversible Tote Handbag

Scarleton Reversible Tote Handbag

Are you looking for a bag that can keep up with your busy schedule? If you are, Scarleton Reversible Tote Handbag is perfect for you! It is made from high-quality eco-friendly vegan leather and is reversible, so you'll be able to match it with any outfit!

The Scarleton Reversible Tote Handbag is one of the tote bags that are great for those on the go. It can carry lots of stuff for your daily errands. It is also easy to use and can be carried as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag.

Pencil case

I am a big believer in using a pencil case as a way of staying organized. Consider what you might need for writing assignments and how you might store them in your pencil case.

Homecube Pencil Case

Homecube Pencil Case

Homecube Pencil Case is a versatile and spacious pencil case that is a perfect fit for any law student. It has a rectangular shape and is a bit longer than other pencil cases. This pencil case has plenty of room for pens and pencils, as well as small items such as cards and notes.

The pencil case is made with a strong zipper and high-quality material that is durable and guaranteed to last.


There is so much reading to be done at law school it is impossible to imagine. This is where the bookstand will come in handy. The beauty of a bookstand is that you can open the book and read it so that the pages remain flat. This allows you to read the book without any issues.

Actto BST-09 Book Stand

Actto BST-09 Book Stand

The Actto BST-09 Book Stand is just the book stand you need to make reading a whole lot more comfortable. With a perfect reading angle for reading on your own, this book stand is great for law student books, catalogs, and planners.

The design is stylish and innovative, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Check it out today and see just how perfect this book stand is for you!

Comfort seat cushion

Many people believe that law school is not a place where personal comfort is necessary. This is not true at all. This is why you should always have a comfortable seat cushion in law school. Desk chair cushions are mostly used for providing relief for the back and the spine. It helps to have back support for the chair.

The body gets stiff, and even a slight change in posture can cause aching and discomfort. The right desk chair cushion can provide support for your lower back and can reduce fatigue and pain.

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

This comfort seat cushion by ComfiLife is designed to alleviate pain while sitting and is made of high-density memory foam. The seat cover is machine washable, and it has a non-slip rubber bottom for added comfort.

Flash drive

The flash drive is a pocket-sized storage device that you can easily carry around with. It allows you to easily store and transfer data onto an external device.

It is highly useful for law students as it is a combination of a storage device and a portable memory stick. It allows you to store and transfer data from one computer to another, which is a perfect solution for all students who work with multiple computers.

SanDisk 128GB Flash Drive

SanDisk 128GB Flash Drive

SanDisk 128GB Flash Drive is the solution to all your data storage needs. Its USB 3.0 connector ensures fast data transfers and easy file sharing. This flash drive is compatible with PC and MAC.


Good health is essential to be able to concentrate on schoolwork. A humidifier is a great way to keep you healthy and free of illness. The device helps keep your nasal passages moist and clear of mucus, which allows for breathing easier, and makes it easier to concentrate.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier

The MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier is a high-quality humidifier that can operate continuously for 25 hours, making it the ideal option for those with severe allergies. With the 360° mist nozzle, the humidifier can help with balancing and regulating the humidity in your home.

The MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier also offers a calming glow with the optional night light and automatically shuts off when the water level is low, or the water tank is removed.


Going to law school is a big step, but your supplies will make it much easier. I hope this article helped.
I know this is a lot of information, but if you are serious about law school, you need to get serious about pre-law as well. The more prepared you are, the more you will succeed in your first year.

If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned or any suggestions of your own, please comment below or email me. I love hearing from you. Hope you have a great day and good luck studying!

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