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Best Online Degree Programs from Coursera

Coursera is a web-based education platform that offers you the possibility to access the best online degree programs from top universities throughout the world. As of today, Coursera partners with over 150 universities from nearly 30 countries, including Stanford, Princeton, Penn, etc. So if you’re in search of a reputable online degree program provider, you’ve come to the right place.

Via the Coursera degree program provider, you can take various courses in a wide array of subject matters, such as business, management, law, computer science, psychology, marketing, and many more. By enrolling in online degree programs offered by Coursera, you get the change to significantly boost your career growth. Earning a top university degree has never been easier.

Coursera Degrees: Vast Freedom of Choice

At first glance, Coursera might seem like just another e-learning website. However, it provides multiple features that make it stand out from the rest education platforms and online master degree program providers. For instance, upon completing a Coursera course, you earn a certificate — an official document confirming that you’ve successfully passed all the exams and completed your program.

Coursera offers online bachelors degree programs as well as master’s qualifications. Below you will find some of the most popular fields in which you can earn your Coursera masters degree.

  • Business.
  • Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Data Science.
  • Public Health.
  • Psychology.

The content available via Coursera is top-of-the-line, for it’s produced by certified professionals who have dedicated their lives to studying the topic. Some of the best online bachelors degree programs await you on Coursera. And you don’t even have to leave your home to earn a top university degree. Coursera masters degrees are great for working adults, busy moms, veterans, senior citizens, and anyone who’s looking for accessible top-quality education.

Top 3 Coursera Online Degree Programs to Start Your Career in IT

Men with laptops photo

If you’re considering a career in IT but don’t have a degree in Computer Science, don’t let this discourage you. Coursera’s self paced online degree programs are the perfect option when it comes to equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and certificates to kickstart a successful career in IT. With Coursera online college degrees programs and certificates, you can get job-ready for a needed career field in a short period of time.

Upon receiving their Coursera master degrees, students successfully enhance their career credentials, as well as get the chance to showcase their knowledge and skills by participating in various projects and challenges. The certificate you get once you finish your program is a great way to stimulate you to continue pursuing your career goals. If you attach your Coursera certificate to your LinkedIn account, it’s definitely going to help you find a better job.

Coursera Program #1: Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Aiming to train Americans for entry-level IT support jobs, this program was launched by Coursera in collaboration with Google itself. The program doesn’t require any previous experience in IT. It features six courses completable in 8 to 12 months and — what’s paramount — gets students in touch with such powerful potential employers as Walmart, Sprint, Ge Digital, Google, Best Buy, Bank of America, etc.

When participating in this certificate program, you will access some excellent lectures and lab data, as well as other types of assessments, all prepared by Google instructors and coaches. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate program teaches you how to troubleshoot and network, enlightens you on system administration and security fundamentals, as well as generally trains you to become a top-notch customer support manager.

Coursera Program #2: SAS Programmer Professional Certificate

If you’re interested in this Coursera program, then you probably already know that SAS is the boss in analytics. Via cutting edge software and tools, SAS stimulates people across the globe to turn data into brain candy. As a matter of fact, SAS is what lies behind your power of knowledge. This Coursera course is for students striving to learn how to create SAS programs for the purpose of accessing, exploring, preparing, and analyzing data.

Actually, the SAS Programmer Professional Certificate program serves as a foundation for a variety of further SAS courses. It is preferable that, prior to enrolling in the program, you get to grips with basic computer software. Understanding the notion of the directory structure and IT fundamentals in general, including accessing data files on various operating systems, is also a great bonus. On the whole, no previous SAS expertise is needed to enroll in this particular program.

Coursera Program #3: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

These days, Data Science is considered to be one of the most sought-after professions on the IT job market. It’s not true that becoming a professional data scientist requires a Ph.D. You can complete this professional certificate program successfully if you have basic computer skills and the will to learn on a regular basis.

The program features 9 courses and covers a wide range of data science topics, tools, and techniques. You will start small, practice a lot, and work up to the advanced level when you’re ready. No previous programming expertise is required to enroll in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate program.

Upon finishing the program, you will receive a certificate and nine badges, one for each course in the program. You can add these badges to your CV, LinkedIn profile, or hang them on your bedroom wall to have something to praise yourself for. On the whole, this Coursera program is a great choice if you intend to get a top-level overview of the data science fundamentals.

Coursera Courses: The Basics

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Coursera offers two major types of education plans: online courses and Specializations. In the majority of cases, Specializations include a list of interconnected online courses developed to assist you in mastering a particular specialty. Some Specializations feature a capstone unit as the final course on the list. A lot of recent courses have been created as part of Specializations. However, you can participate in some courses separately and earn certificates for them without having to commit to an entire Specialization.

The Coursera Courses feature lectures in a pre-recorded video format available for watching on a weekly schedule or whenever you choose. During your studies, you will also be granted unlimited access to the Coursera student discussion forums, homework evaluations, and examination assignments. On the whole, a lot of Coursera video-based courses are free of charge. However, if receiving a certificate is your ultimate goal, paying/subscribing is necessary.

Coursera Courses: Evaluate Your Enrollment Options

Upon enrolling in a Coursera course, you will discover various banking options for sorting out the payment issue. A wide array of Coursera courses come with an audit mode. It allows you to watch the majority of its video content free of charge. If you solely opt for auditing a course, you will get to study its materials for free. However, in the free mode, you won’t get the possibility to upload your homework, receive grades for it, or earn a Course Certificate.

If you’re currently focused on auditing a particular course, follow the instructions below.

  1. Head to the course section on Coursera.
  2. Select the ‘Enroll’ option.
  3. Click ‘Audit only’. It’s that easy.

What if there’s no ‘Audit only’ button for the program you’ve chosen? It’s possible that this particular course doesn’t come with this option at all. No worries. You can still choose the free trial mode or apply for a discount. If the course comes with a ‘Full Course, No Certificate’ follow-up, it means that you get to study its materials, upload your homework, and get grades-based feedback. This option doesn’t include earning a Course Certificate, though. Keep in mind that only standalone courses feature the free-to-watch possibility. If you’re in the Specialization section, looking for the Audit button is useless.

If you’ve been auditing a course program for some time and would now like to receive academic credentials for it, you can easily upgrade. Note that if you intend to gain a paid certificate for a program course you’ve already passed for free, all your current progress will remain intact in the system. It’s possible that you will need to deal with more materials that have been unavailable in the free-to-watch-videos mode.

Passing a program course and earning a certificate on Coursera suggests:

  • making a payment/subscribing to the required course
  • studying the course content
  • completing all the necessary tasks and quizzes
  • receiving a certificate (only upon dealing with all the aforementioned tasks).

You’re free to stick with any separate course for a certificate, even if that course has been designed as part of a Coursera Specialization. Upon subscribing to a Specialization, you will be charged a monthly fee until you’re through with the courses comprising that Specialization.

From there, you can cancel this subscription whenever you feel like doing that. You’ll be granted unlimited access to all course materials within the chosen Specialization plan right until you finish your studies or deactivate your subscription. Upon finishing every course program in the Specialization you’ve chosen, you will be granted your long-awaited Specialization Certificate.

On Coursera, you also have the option of subscribing to the entire platform library. Here’s what this type of subscription comes with.

  • Subscription fees charged on a monthly basis.
  • The chance to limitlessly access all Coursera materials — right until your studies are completed.
  • The option to finalize your subscription whenever you desire.
  • The possibility to receive certificates for the programs you complete during your paid plan period.

Purchasing an entire Coursera Specialization provides unlimited access to all the course data within that Specialization, as well as the possibility to earn a certificate for each program course you finish. Furthermore, you will be given twelve months to pass the Specialization and ultimately receive your Specialization Certificate. Read each course info carefully, for this timeframe may vary from Specialization to Specialization.

Tips & Instructions on Enrolling in a Course at Coursera

If a student wants a certificate (e.g. Coursera bachelor degree) but cannot afford to pay for it, the platform sometimes offers financial help or scholarship. Below, we will cover this topic in more detail. Now, to take a course on Coursera, enrolling is necessary. Upon enrolling, you can begin studying immediately. Below, you will find a quick step-by-step guide on how enrollment works in the majority of cases.

So, to register with a Coursera program course, follow these easy steps.

  1. Head to the Coursera course catalog, browse through the available courses and select the one you specifically need.
  2. Find the ‘Enroll’ option and select it.
  3. Follow the system’s on-screen guidelines to finalize the enrollment procedure. A free trial may be available, so make sure you don’t miss that option.

If you just want to watch the video content of the program course (i.e. audit it without earning academic credentials), then the ‘Audit’ option is what you need to select. Keep in mind that this option is not always available. Finding the free option is often challenging, especially if you’re looking for the best course for you on the Specialization page. Keep reading if you want to know how to sort out your Coursera payments.

To view all your Coursera enrollments, follow these easy instructions.

  1. Go to the Coursera official website and log in.
  2. Focus on the left-side menu.
  3. Find the My Courses section there.
  4. See the programs you’re currently signed up for.

If you’re looking to retake a Coursera program course, you’re free to do that. It means you will engage in re-completing the quizzes and assignments, as well as re-do your exams. Only your latest results will be taken into account. You should keep in mind that deleting your coursework completely or resetting your progress in the program you’ve already signed up for is not allowed.

Coursera Courses & Specialization: How to Make a Payment

Using bank card photo

Upon signing up for a particular course or a required Specialization on Coursera, follow the system’s guidelines to sort out the payment procedure. After having paid for your studies, you have six months to pass the course and receive your academic credentials. Also, you can opt for a Specialization subscription. In accordance with this scenario, a monthly fee will be charged by the system until you're through with your education.

Looking to pay for the online law degree programs (or any other type of Coursera courses) you’ve already viewed in the free mode in order to receive expert feedback and earn the certificate? You’re welcome to opt for the paid plan whenever you’re ready. To accomplish that, head to the necessary course page and select Purchase Course. Alternatively, you can also select Upgrade from any task/quiz section of the education platform. Yes, it’s as easy as ABC.

While you get to pay for certain Coursera programs separately, a lot of courses are included in Specializations, which means they’re available through monthly subscription payments only. Making a single payment for a subscription-type Coursera course is not allowed. If you need to pass an individual Coursera course, keep your Specialization subscription active right until you finish that course. Upon completing the course and receiving the certificate, feel free to deactivate your subscription.

Paying/Subscribing to a Coursera Course involves the following steps.

  1. Go to the course page.
  2. Select ‘Enroll’.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. It’s possible that the course you’re focused on allows a free trial, which will require you to pay or cancel after seven days.

Remember that you cannot direct the payment you’ve already made to a different course. So be very attentive when browsing through Coursera courses and selecting the ones you need. Making payments on Coursera is processed via a banking solution that’s allowed in your area. The majority of course prices are shown in US dollars, while some of them are displayed in your national currency.

Because of certain restrictions, payments from a list of sanctioned countries cannot be accepted on Coursera. North Korea, Sudan, Iran, and other sanctioned countries are on this list. If you’re aiming to purchase a Coursera course while residing in one of these countries, you may come across an IP or payment purchase block when trying to sign up for a Coursera program.

Applying for Financial Aid or a Scholarship

Students who cannot afford to pay for their Coursera online degree programs bachelors certificate, can apply for a discount/scholarship by following the link on their course page. Alternatively, they can make the most of the needed course in the watch-videos-only free mode. Financial assistance is only provided to students whose applications were approved by the system managers. While most Coursera courses include this option, some of them may not allow applying for monetary aid.

To receive financial assistance or scholarship from Coursera, complete the application form indicating your education details, career aspirations, as well as your current financial situation. In addition to this, you’re going to need to comply with Coursera’s Code of Conduct and Honor Code. Keep in mind that applying for financial assistance on Coursera is only possible via your PC. You cannot apply using the platform’s mobile application. For further details on this topic, head to the Coursera Help section.

Cutting to the Chase: Is Coursera Really Worth It?

Coursera is the go-to place for learning online from the world’s top universities’ expert professors. It’s one of the very few online platforms offering accredited m.b.a. degree programs online for both academic goals and career prospects. On Coursera, you are free to learn at your own pace. No need to move or compromise your working hours and change your usual lifestyle. Coursera is online education made fun, super easy, and internationally available. So yes, Coursera is definitely worth it.

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