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7 Pieces Of Advice Every College Student Needs To Know

The student feels enough difficulties in college: many lessons, reports on different subjects, control work and other things. How can one not get lost in all this, have time for everything, manage everywhere and also leave several hours for personal needs and entertainment? You need to plan your learning cleverly. In fact, it's not as difficult as it might seem. Doubt? Look at our top tips on how to make learning more convenient!

Advice 1: Plan your day clearly

If you carefully review your schedule, you will find with a nuisance that you waste a lot of time. To avoid this you need to allocate a certain amount of time for each task and then follow your schedule.

Do you combine study with work? It can be difficult, but nothing is impossible. Just agree the time of work with the employer. In fact, most managers are sympathetic to their student employees and often go on a compromise.

Very important!
Trying to become a brilliant student, do not deprive yourself of pleasure and rest. Be sure to leave free time for communication with friends, hobbies, active and passive rest.

Advice 2: Get a thick diary or download the application-planner

The first option is quite outdated but it suits you if you do not like to use devices. The diary should contain information about couples, homework, reports and other training data. If you cope with a task, then put a tick next to it.

It's easier and more convenient to download the application-planner on the mobile device. There are a lot of such programs now. They have many opportunities:

  • introduction to your schedule;
  • highlighting certain colors and icons of any couples, courses;
  • creating notes, etc.

With such programs, your brains will not boil, trying to store in itself huge volumes of information.

The most popular and convenient programs of this kind are Naviance Student, Evernote, Trello, TripIt, One Note.

Advice 3: Take advantage of modern learning

The study was limited by lectures in college before but now the possibilities are much wider. If you do not have enough knowledge that you go through in college, study subjects more deeply independently. And if you have any questions, you can always ask professors for the help.

If there is no opportunity to attend the educational institution, you can listen to the lecture online, sitting quietly on the sofa in your home dressing gown and sipping hot chocolate.

If you learn the curriculum without any trouble and think that the college takes too much of your time, go to the correspondence course. But keep in mind that this form of training is suitable for organized and self-disciplined students.

Distance learning allows you to save time that goes to transportation (to get to college) and to the frequent lyrical digressions of teachers on classes.

Advice 4: Do it right on time

Yes, it's really difficult, especially if you're used to saying ‘I'll do it tomorrow’ or ‘Now, now I'll do it’ and you forget it or you are just lazy. But it mustn’t be so. Do you know why?
If people do not do business, they accumulate over time. The longer you lie on the sofa and eat pizza waiting for the next favorite series, the more work accumulates. You will not have time to do everything when it is necessary. Work will accumulate and you will be late surely or do something poorly.

Anyway, the rest will not be high-grade. You will always have a feeling of dissatisfaction that something is wrong and as a result, you will still feel tired.

Just tell yourself ‘I lift my ass from the sofa and do all the tasks.’ And do it. Be sure, studying in college will be easier and more enjoyable.

Advice 5: Determine what type of training is ideal for you

You just need to think and write down what learning conditions would be more comfortable for you. And then you should try to incorporate them into your life.

If extraneous noise helps you to concentrate and the crowded place is a comfortable atmosphere for you, choose the daytime study.

If you prefer to be in solitude and tranquility, just go to distance learning. If you are a student who has a lot of questions in training, try to study late in the morning - at this time most of the professors will be able to answer your questions.

You have to understand: acquiring knowledge is a pleasant and useful process, you just need to adapt it to yourself.

Advice 6: Do not stay alone

Try to get yourself at least one friend and be on good terms with many students. The fact is that the college is a great place to become communicative, learn to find a common language with a wide variety of people, and you’ll definitely need these skills in the future.

Also, with a friend, college attendance becomes more comfortable. You will have another incentive to get off the sofa and go to college. When laziness comes, friends can help each other to fight against it.

In addition, learning together with friends is more interesting, pleasant and effective. You can arrange various competitions among yourselves to repeat the material you have had.

Advice 7: Concentrate your attention on the really important things

Student years are one of the most difficult, probably. Such temptations! Someone wants to walk and admire the beautiful world, someone has big love, someone has a passion to stay in social networks all day ... Stop-stop-stop! It is necessary to gather all the forces and concentrate on the important, otherwise, how will you achieve the goals in life? It is very important!

It will be easier if you digress from everything one day, sit down and think about what you need and needn’t. Superfluous will have to be removed from the schedule. If you concentrate on studying, get the maximum of necessary knowledge and learn how to apply them in life, you can become a fiery specialist in the future, for whom the company will fight for the death.

What not to do?

There are many things that students do but in fact, they should not have done.
Do not make such mistakes:

  • store all the information in your head - it's not only ineffective but also harmful (brain resources are very limited) and now there are regular diaries and various applications for storing information;
  • work with excessive zeal - firstly, because of this, the love of learning may disappear altogether, and secondly, such an approach is dangerous to health;
  • do not take a systematic approach - if you will study very hard for weeks and then you will be lazy for a long time, you will not achieve good results;
  • deprive yourself of a hobby and various pleasures - of course, you need to concentrate on studying, but this does not mean that the life of a monk is required of you, every student should have his own joys and have some pleasant hobby for himself;
  • try to do everything solely on their own - some students do not want to use the help of others but this is not always right and sometimes quite tiring;
  • often miss classes without respectable reason - if you do not learn one material, then it will be even harder to study the next one, so it's better not to miss lectures.

If you follow these tips, then definitely learning will be more interesting, effective and enjoyable for you.

Believe, if you study diligently and correctly, you will definitely get good results in the future.

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