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At the Delaware County Community College through Human Resources Management and Services program you can obtain degrees of such award levels: Award of less than 1 academic year. The classes of this program will be held at 901 S Media Line Rd.

The average total number of students of all degrees engaged in this specialty is 6 or more and 33.3% of students are men.

Delaware County Community College campus is safe for students with 0.01% of maximum crimes a year. Burglary and motor vehicle theft are the most frequently noticed crimes. Academic/career counselling and employment services available for students. 10% of students are granted with financial aid.

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Overall Rating:

Great place to study and work! #UNDproud

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Overall Rating:

Honesty, this is the worst university and state I've ever been too. On the upside, it is much cheaper and sparse compared to other large universities. Academically its not bad, I would say its not much different from taking rigorous classes in high school. The housing and meal plans are decent, but they can be a rip off sometimes.However, the social aspect is the worst I've ever experienced. North Dakotan's are the weirdest people I've ever met. They are not very social and they are incredibly hostile towards outsiders and people who are different for no reason. So much for "discovering the spirit" of the state. Pretty ironic because the people up here have no spirit lol. It doesn't surprise me why North Dakota's population size is declining because no one wants to live near these backwards thinking imbeciles.Even on campus most students are the same. I've had several encounters while longboarding where people would give me blank stares or disapproved looks for no apparent reason. Dont even bother trying to interact with them either because they dont respond to warm gestures. Outside of campus I had a strange encounter where this old creep was staring at me constantly while I was pulling out of an oriental store. Not a very welcoming environment at all. After high school I was optimistic about coming to this place where I thought people would be more mature and outgoing, but it honestly feels worse than high school. At least in high school people are a little bit more direct and lively.Regardless, I'm so glad that I graduated and moved to a better, lively place. I will not return to this miserable state and I don't recommend this place to anyone unless of course you're a North Dakotan lol.

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Overall Rating:

Professors in Department of Earth System Science and Policy (ESSP) at University of North Dakota are completely unprofessional especially those who entered USA for securing their well-being; whilst not giving a single damn for international students . I have had wasted my precious three years as a student in ESSP where I have seen students including me were being thrashed with the third grade politics of these non sense, low spirited individuals, so called professors. Even when I asked for an experience letter for my work as a Research Assistant, nobody including the Department Head, an ugly French lady with a black and cunning mind, bothered to response my request. Similarly, a cunning Australian Professor, who had a zero teaching skills, was so unforgiving, adamant, and inconsiderate that remembering the past with them boils my blood to that extent after a decade of their companionship, I am writing this review. In my view, ESSP Department at UND is like an ambush where students come for educational wellbeing; in turn get killed by dirty politics of utterly non professional, low grade job holders (i.e. so called professors).

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Overall Rating:

I have never written a review on anything before. I couldnt take it anymore, now i have to tell you guys, (coming from a naturally very positive person in me), that this school is TRASH. It took me skipping 2 while semesters to get enrolled trandferring from down south. They do not do ANYTHING to get you situated or where you need to be in order to get going with your schooling. They just kep telling you to call the other person, and they expect you to know how to do THEIR jobs in order to get you going, which is impossible without access. Then they are NEVER on time with anything, they tell you a refund date in your fafsa, but it refunds almost a whole month later. They surely will hound your bank and let you go broke. My last school down south always got stuff done early for you. Their system doesn’t let you set things up without it chaning on its own somehow. Your course material has nothing to do with half the questions you are asked. You get zero’s for misisng assignments that you cant do because their systems for engineering are weird and wont download, you email the professor asking how the hell to get it downloaded, why it keeps kicking you out, etc. They ignore you. Ive wasted a year of my life trying to get going when i could have had 2 semesters done by now.

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Overall Rating:

I've personally never seen racism here while attending the school, I'm pretty sure most people calling people here racist have never been to the campus (or state). This school is great for aerospace and nursing. The school isn't very good for stem majors since it's not really there focus. The only cons (in my opinion) are them changing the nickname, hockey having a cult like following and the recent budget cuts.

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Address: 901 S Media Line Rd

Place: Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Single Campus

General Phone Number: +6103595000

Institution is active in current year: 1

Institution's internet website address:

Financial aid office: Go to the page

Admissions office: Go to the page

Online application: Go to the page

Net price calculator: Go to the page

Veterans and Military Service members tuition policies: Go to the page

Student-Right-to-Know student athlete graduation rate: Go to the page

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