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Texas State Technical College-Waco offers 300-degree programs and 3 via distance education. Student-to-faculty ratio is 13:1. 1 high safety campus. 78.5% are women, and 21.5% are men. The average annual total cost of attendance at Texas State Technical College-Waco is 8071$, that is at the level of national average. Total price of living is between $8001 and $12512 per year. 25% of full-time Texas State Technical College-Waco students completed their education in 150 percent of time: graduation rate is at the level of national average. Average salary after attending is $32,600, so if you studied 2 years, you’ll get your funds back in less than 2 years.

Average Annual Cost

Average annual cost includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, and living expenses, minus the average grant/scholarship aid. Separate metrics have calculated for different institutions depends on calendar system and sector of the establishment (public or private).

The Texas State Technical College-Waco is a public and non-academic-year institution, so it’s net price represents an average of all programs and includes only undergraduates who first enrolled in the fall term and pay in-state tuition and receive Title IV aid.


By Family Income

Depending on the federal state, or institutional grant and available, Texas State Technical College-Waco students in your income bracket may pay more of less than the overall average costs.

Family IncomeAverage cost
$0 - $30,000$6,113
$30,001 - $48,000$7,043
$48,001 - $75,000$9,982
$75,001 - $110,000$11,351



  • Typical room charge for academic year: 2440

  • Typical board charge for academic year: -

  • Combined charge for room and board: -


Salary After Attending


According to College Scorecard Data from U.S. Department of Education

Students services


Academic/career counseling service

Employment services for students

Living & meal

Full-time, first-time degree/certificate-seeking students required to live on campus

Institution provide on-campus housing

Institution provides board or meal plan

Veteran Services Available

Credit for military training

Dedicated point of contact for support services for veterans, military servicemembers, and their families

Recognized student veteran organization

Member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges

Disability services


Percent indicator of undergraduates formally registered as students with disabilities

Undergraduate programs or courses are offered via distance education

Alternative tuition plans

Any alternative tuition plans offered by institution

Tuition payment plan

Tuition payment plan - a program that allows tuition to be paid in installments spread out over an agreed upon period of time, sometimes without interest or finance charges.

Graduation Rate


Texas State Technical College-Waco graduation rate is below the national average.

25% of full-time students enrolled for the first time to Texas State Technical College-Waco completed the education program and got a degree in 150 percent of the expected time of completion.

The graduation rate value includes only programs that were completed less than six years for four-year degrees or less than three years for two-year degrees.

Graduation rate is the percentage of institution’s new-entering, first-time, first-year undergraduate students who complete their program within 150% of the published time for the program. Graduation rate excludes a huge number of students. This indicator doesn’t take into consideration students of nontraditional enrollments - part-time students, students who enroll mid-year, and who transfer from one institution to another. So graduation rate alone can create a misleading perception. Completion rate in the form of total number of students receiving any types of awards/degrees creates a complete picture. Combining this data with graduation rate is a better way to compare schools.

Student Body

The student-to-faculty ratio at Texas State Technical College-Waco is 13:1, that means that for every 13 students the institution has one professor, lecturer or specialist with a degree in education. Lower student-to-faculty ratio is better - it means that professors can dedicate more time and attention to each student.

Student-to-faculty ratio



Number of international students


Race/ethnicity breakdown


Students enrollment in distance education


In Texas State Technical College-Waco the biggest percent of students are enrolled in on-campus courses.

Distance education location breakdown


Here are the students enrolled exclusively in distance education courses at Texas State Technical College-Waco and grouped by their location. Distance education courses are the most popular for students located in Texas.

Campus Safety

The percentage of crimes on Waco Campus

The campus located by 3801 Campus Dr. address in Waco, Texas.


Waco Campus in comparison of all branches in the US. It is calculated as the average percent of crimes yearly by five years of data for every campus, based on an overall number of students studying there. The branch is a part of Texas State Technical College-Waco with 1.48% of maximum crimes a year. The most often crimes detected on Waco Campus are burglary, motor vehicle theft, and forcible sex offense.

Academic Programs

Number of degree programs offered

Texas State Technical College-Waco offers 300 programs in total: 135 are for Associate's degree, 99 - for 1-year, but less than-2-year certificate programs, and 66 are less than 1-year certificate programs.

This is one of the lowest number of programs in comparison with other 471 universities in Texas state.


Number of degree programs offered via distance education

There are 3 distance education programs that are provided in the Texas State Technical College-Waco: 3 are for Associate's degree.

Note, that programs offered via distance education might be entirely online as well as partially online and contain real-time elements. So look carefully into each program to make sure you can commit.


Total credit/contact hours

Here you can find the data on instructional activity in measured in total credit and/or contact hours delivered by institutions during a 12-month period. Also we shown the Texas state average data to help you compare.


Texas State Technical College-Waco provides coursework for undergraduate students оnly.

In 2014-2015 academic year estimated full-time equivalent undergraduate enrollment was 3937 students with 118111 сredit hours for 12-month instructional activity period.

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Student Reviews and Ratings for Texas State Technical College-Waco

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating:

I cannot speak on the behalf of other degrees offered at TSTC, but I can speak on the behalf of the Cyber security degree offered. In one phrase I can sum up my entire experience at the TSTC Waco campus, "Google it". If backwards and poorly structured learning is what you're after to jump start your IT career then look no further for you have found the hot bed of it. You will have the lovely experience of meeting instructors that do not care to teach and heavily rely on other online resources for you to learn. Honestly, if you wanted to learn IT do it online or somewhere actually reputable. The entire curriculum for Cyber is online with very minimal hands on activities in essential classes. I find it absolutely saddening to have spent so much time here yet learn absolutely nothing. Many of the courses you will take will have no actual preparation for any certifications and most sources are from online websites that have outdated information. If you aren't using an online resource, very rare, you are expected to learn on your own from whatever outdated textbook you are assigned. It doesn't end there, most instructors will prance through power point presentations old enough that they were created on an early Win7 system. Moving towards the staple course in many IT degrees offered, Cisco Netacad. This resource has to be the most inconsistent source for networking I have ever had the privilege to go through. In most Cisco classes taught at TSTC you are assigned to pick up a book that will contain material pertaining to the course such as a study guide or fill in workbook. My only advice to ever filling it out is, "Good Luck". With the poorly worded explanations that make every definition the exact same and the disorganized structure will have you wasting countless hours trying to find a piece that is "stated" in Netacad. Even better the question you are trying to fill out is not even in Netacad! Often you will find parts cut because of either Cisco's ignorance to actually teach or their blatant inability to write any educational material. The only redeeming quality that Cisco has is their ability to properly document and define things on their separate website.There are a few types of instructors you will encounter at TSTC Waco, the diamond in the rough, the fools, and those who simply do not care about you. More than not I have been stuck with fools and those who did not care enough to actually go through any of the material. I find it an utter disgrace to have "experienced instructors" know so little about what they are teaching.On my final note to keep this brief. My last remark on TSTC Waco is that the entire area is riddled with crime and theft and I am not talking about petty brawls. I am referring to the rampant break ins, muggings, and drug abuse on campus. I no longer feel safe in this environment since the crime rate has gone up. TSTC Waco is a joke and should be avoided at all costs, it's not safe to attend to, not worth going to learn anything considering its all online for free, the instructors do not care whether or not you pass, and overall the worst experience I've ever had with any educational institution.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

The helicopter program at TST C Texas State technical College for the past four years has been contracted through UH I and has been being conducted under part 61 of the FAA rules and regulations also known as the FAR/AIM. When they themselves claimed to be conducting 141 training and the program only trains theoretical application and not industry performance. You won’t be trained as a professional pilot. The VA educational benefits pertaining to flight training specifically states that part 61 schools are not 100% covered. And that’s veterans must attend a university of higher education which conducts flight training under 141 regulation. The school continues to doctor their books and documents and consistently lies about their flight training. Due to a internal investigation and the former chief “ Train White” was fired and the helicopter training program was found to be conducting part 61 training operations and not 141 helicopter flight training. The program itself does not exist at the TST C Waco campus or in the TST C curriculum. All that the facility has done is taking the approved fixed wing 141 training and placed a helicopter cover sheet over the approved document. With that being said there is no real helicopter training program or helicopter educational program for that matter at the TST C campus Waco. Because of the simple fact the school is being audited this December for the failures of the program again. Conduct of the former chief which was allowed by the program management varied well outside of FAA standards and regulations. For example: veterans were not tested regularly, no records of our testing were documented, veterans were forced to fly extra time outside of regulation, veterans lost time when weather prevented us from being able to fly, veterans are not trained in helicopter operations at the school instead we have to attend fixed wing airplane classes, the former chief attempted to instigate physical altercations to remove veterans, veterans also maintain a failing grade through the entire program due to inadequacies of testing which goes unreported to the Veterans Administration. Failures of the program and staff are also counted against veterans time which leads to failures and administration removals outside of the veteran’s control. The vast majorities of veterans currently enrolled in the helicopter program are proactively seeking new schools or have quit the program. Several veterans currently enrolled have not flown in excess of three weeks due to the school’s inability to provide a certified or qualified chief they are currently collecting failing grades and this is being counted against them, and potentially risking their benefits. Theft abuse and miss conduct and abuse of Veteran education benefits. And deliberate interference of veterans attempting to require them. As a whole the Veterans feel as though the school is deliberately covering up the miss conduct of former staff to save face, due to the “Politics involved.” The program has been audited multiple times and for the school to even entertain the idea of miss conduct the veterans had to track down the school attorneys and force the subject. The program was found to be at fault of miss conduct forcing the termination of multiple employees, unfortunately due to policy changes and the program being rebuilt from the ground up TSTC is deliberately hindering and preventing Veterans from the requisition of federal benefits. Every Veteran in the program has filled a 22-0989 with the V.A. However due policy changes the veterans have run into resistance from the school. Details also identify the current Director deliberately withholding this information to have her predecessor terminated. And is currently causing interference for the reacquisition of the veterans benefits.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

This review is from a parent of a 19 year old son just completing his 4th semester out a possible 8 . He is going for a double associate in related fields. The recruiting process was very good for both our son and us, all our questions and concerns were address. We choose to purchase him a travel trailer to live in instead of the student housing that was offered for several reasons, 1. Difference in ages. He could have had a roommate twice his age with with a large number of issues a 19 year would not have or should be exposed to. There are a number of RV parks in the are that offer students a discount for long term stays. 2. A quiet place to study. He now can study in his trailer without outside interruptions This has improved his grades. 3. With the trailer he has his own kitchen and outside BBQ pit. This alone has saved tons over buying meals at school are local fast food places. He shops at local grocery stores and prepares his own meals. This alone has tought him many life lessons It is a 5 minute ride to campus, so he goes home for lunch. And sometimes starts the crockpot for dinner. The job fair has been a huge networking event for him. He start passing out resumes and shaking hands his first semester. Now 4 semesters in, he was offered an internship that will allow him to complete his studies on time and work part time in his field of study. This has been a very good experience for our son who did not want to go to a four college. He has really shined in his studies ( honor roll), his level of success shows in his mood and personality everytime we see him. My wife and I truly believe this was the best fit for him to develop skills that he will carry on with him.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

Poor experience. Though the school claims to provide instructors with "real world experience" in the field they are teaching, it is simply not so. My C# instructor (by their own admission later) did not know the language or even how to use the primary tool (Visual Studio). My Microsoft SQL instructor had to be shown by the students not only how to install the software, but how to install the test data and create users and databases. To be fair, my C++ instructor was amazing. The lessons started with what was in the book but after that brief lecture, the rest of the lesson was what we will see out in the field.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

Went here for the Diesel Equipment program and had a job two days after graduating for 21$ hr 40 hrs a week at Ryder. Some people think this school is a joke but it's what you make out of it. If you are interested and willing to learn, the instructors will help you but if you are lazy and want things handed to you, they're not going to waste their time. Small town college and I liked the atmosphere. I definitely recommend for people who like hands on learning.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Location & Website

Address: 3801 Campus Drive

Place: Not applicable, not in Carnegie universe (not accredited or nondegree-granting)

Religious affiliation: Not applicable

Calendar system: Semester

General Phone Number: +8007928784

Institution is active in current year: 3

Institution's internet website address: https://tstc.edu

Financial aid office: Go to the page

Admissions office: Go to the page

Online application: Go to the page

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Veterans and Military Service members tuition policies: Go to the page

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