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At the Mid-State Technical College through Electromechanical Instrumentation and Maintenance Technologies/Technicians program you can complete degrees of the following award levels: Associate's degree. The classes of this program will be conducted at 500 32nd St N.

The average total number of students of all degrees engaged in this specialty is 15 or more and 93.3% of students are men.

Mid-State Technical College campus is safe for students with 0.04% of maximum crimes a year. Motor vehicle theft is the most frequently noticed crimes. Academic/career counselling and employment services available for students. 9% of students have financial aid.

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Overall Rating:

Dont come hereThis is a for profit school. They care about your money, not your education.Dont come hereI did the NDT night classes, the school seems like they dont quite know what they're doing but doing enough to get by.Dont come hereIf you wanna do NDT, you can certify yourself. Dont come here. Dont spend 30,000 on something you can do in the same amount of time for way less money.Dont come hereYou ever hear someone say something bad about/happened somewhere and the response was "welp. That's [name of place] for you" and all the other people do is roll their eyes and start bringing up why they can relate?That's Spartan.Dont come here

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Attended Aviation School in Riverside, Tulsa 1996-1998 Attended Classes earned 65 Credits (Associates in Aviation) Private Pilot, Instrument Rating (I was told), Passed Commercial Written (I was told), No Records Filed. 1999 Had a Major Accident was physically unable to perform as a pilot. Fast forward to now 2019 It took 10 years to recover, 10 years to physically reach the ability to pass First Class Medical again. I renew my license because of Job offer, at Flight Company. Finally Happening I get my license back , 3 touch & Go's - re-certified. FAA Never received filings from Spartan! No Instrument Rating, No Record of Commercial Written. (I knew I would have to redo because of 2 year statute) I call Spartan. Rachael Mills & a few others. In their computer Everything Seems to be there. (Happy :)) I ask them to send all Records to me. After 15 emails and even More calls. Nothing has been done. I am still waiting on my records, and a call back. dust ball rolls by...... They cant even find my records. I spent well over 100K Flying and being instructed by them. I spent over 100K recovering from my accident. I still have Yet to receive my Diploma, (Yes they have recorded Records of Completed Tasks) Yet to have my Flight Records sent to me. They Have my number, They have my email, they have my address. HELLO???? Job is gone. Lifetime opportunity is gone, Alot of money is gone. Great to know I gave my money to this organization. Feel Free to mail me my Stuff anytime soon!! My Patience is done. I honestly think Spartan should front what they lost, or reimburse me. A Good 15 K would put me back on path, and not put them out of business. But that would never happen.

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Prentice shew is a joke of an instructor! I don’t understand how he even has a Job at this place! Please be aware of this person!!!!

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Update to my previous 5star review, I now have my A&P certification.!!!!... I'm mentioning this, so everyone knows I'm not on here crying because things didn't go my way. Now upon completion of the diploma (online) AMT program. This college is an absolute Joke, Parents I am a 42 year old parent of 2, I've been married 22years. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO THIS COLLEGE. Back to my experience. Which after completing program with approximately 3.5 GPA, (give or take) and perfect attendance. I will receive NOTHING. However I enrolled in the Associates Program. You would think after the 20months and $35,000, I would obtain a diploma at completion, now back to the College. My time on ground was short, because I done the hybrid program (13 mo. online) AMT. (8mo) on ground. Housing is a joke as far as fitting the students together, we had alcoholics pass out in the kitchen, smoking in the rooms. However the rooms are livable, not bad the housing manager is a sweetheart, does what she can for the students. Back to my current situation. I was almost forced to take my Gen Eds after the diploma program. Spartan is out for the MONEY only. They would rather your student finish Associates so they get paid in full rather focus on the A&P license 1st. There is however maybe 3-5 people around that care but that's like having 50 employees and 10 that care about what they're building. This place sucks. I'm not a crybaby 18-25yr old on here whining because things didn't go my way. Things did turn out in my favor, because I've obtained my A&P. My daughter is older than some of my class mates. I have photos of student's playing video games. watching movies, sleeping in class. So parents if you'd like to waste $40k so your kids can go take a nap and watch movies, by all means, Spartan needs money to hopefully buy some equipment and tools around the campus that works. The Spartan name as far as that goes, was worth alot, years ago... so that is all your get by coming here. As of today, greed has taken over. I've watched 3 of the best instructors resign, in the 8 month's of on ground. While on ground, I was actually hired by a local aircraft parts maker (Gulfstream). Good start pay, but the problem was I needed a week off for orientation. So I couldn't even accept the job... In my field....which I was being trained for. I have a 10yr old son at home. Due to this BS at Spartan placing blame on the FAA for (why I couldn't take the week off) put my family in another bind financially. Now I want to say, my wife and I decided to sell our home and everything we could for us to afford for me to attend, we sacrificed everything.. now that I've obtained my A&P certification, hopefully we can crawl up out of this mess of Spartan. Spartan handed me the books and some instructors fed me some information, I made the best of what I had to work with. It is due to my dedication and sacrifices my family and I made for me to obtain the A&P. So Parents, from 1 parent to another, please DO NOT GIVE SPARTAN YOUR $$. FEEL FREE TO PM me and I will give you any additional information you need.

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Overall Rating:

I have to say this is a money-grabbing school. I had a major issue with security when I attended the school. My issue actually led to a temporary protective. the security guards will enter your dorm at any time. I actually called a security guard I actually called a security guard smelling my gym shorts on multiple occasions. Whatever you do do not send your children to here.

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Address: 500 32nd St N

Place: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Medium

General Phone Number: +7154225301

Institution is active in current year: 1

Institution's internet website address: mstc.edu

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Admissions office: Go to the page

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