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  • Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years 5

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At the Bristol Technical Education Center through Precision Metal Working program you can obtain degrees of the following award levels: Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years. The lessons of this program will be conducted at 431 Minor Street.

The average total number of students of all degrees enrolled in this specialty is 5 or more and 100% of students are men.

Academic/career counselling is offered for students. 100% of students are awarded with financial aid.

Please pay attention that if you are trying to figure out what program to select on the Other Programs block you сan discover all the information about other programs at Bristol Technical Education Center. We implemented filter option “by degree”, so you could explore programs offering the degree you're interested in. If you want to open a list of all colleges and universities in Connecticut providing Precision Metal Working programs - please click the blue sidebar on the right. 7 universities are currently offering programs in Precision Metal Working - Asnuntuck Community College, Lincoln Technical Institute-East Windsor, Housatonic Community College and other.

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Overall Rating:

16000 for a 2 year for automotive technician. Wasting people's time an money. No wonder nobody goes to colleges like this anymore. This is for people with low income. They dont work with you.

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Overall Rating:

Bryan Hicklin was my teacher when I went to school here. I still believe him to be one of the greatest teachers and mentors I’ve had in my lifetime. I went to school here in 2009 for Carpentry and Building Construction Technology. This is a great university with brilliant educators. The only con I can think of was the attendance policy’s threat over you being kicked out of the program for missing 6 days.

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Overall Rating:

first time at Ranken Technical Institute....nice place, here for WordPress meetup,, room 203

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Overall Rating:

Do yourself a favor and go to SAM Tech. Do not go here. Mismanaged. A bunch of lies. Went there for HPRT and dropped the second week of my 3rd semester. First semester I never touched an actual car. Did goofy things like test thermostats in boiling water. Waste of my time and money. Stayed optimistic and went onto my second semester for Engine Machining. We learned how to take a 295hp 5.3 to a 500HP 5.7. Class was overbooked, professor was a stand-in but knew what he was doing. 0 students finished their engines. I complained to the administration about the lack of skills I learned and how No one finished engines and was offered a summer job to finish my engine and learn some more. I shouldn’t have to come back in the summer to get the education I was supposed to get during class hours. I took the job and made the best of it. Went to my 3rd semester and couldn't do it. Biggest waste of my time. They destroyed a super-flo dyno. And by destroy I mean the thing was in pieces. It exploded. Blamed it on old flywheel but plenty of 12 year old flywheels in 500whp cars don’t go blowing up and killing people. Ranken owns a TurboTrans am and a chasis dyno. The 2 never get used and it wasn’t until last year that the dyno was fixed. We have flow benches that never get used. A Rotler boring machine that’s been waiting to be hooked up for several months now. You only use a carb and Holley EFI. They ordered a blower, had it chromed, and never taught students how to tune for boost. Commanding for 100% injector duty cycle and only getting 8%. Going on 2 years that the instructor can’t fix this and robbing kids of their money and experience. You should be able to at least write a tune and you won’t be able to do that leaving Ranken. 3 classes have gone through Don Rote’s tuning class and learned nothing. It was so bad we had to hire Shane A. Hind and Ahmed Habibi from Habibi Motorsports to teach seminars on tuning to fill in the gaps. Extremely strict on dress code, beard, haircuts, and so much else that it takes away from class time and actual learning. 2018 is their audit year so you can’t miss class or homework. You could pass a class with 100% homework and test grades but fail “work ethic” by 1 point and you will have to repeat the class. What sense does that make? You, your family, and your kids should never go here.P.s Hilterbrand...if you’re as smart as you say you are you’d bring R.S. back.

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Overall Rating:

Do you like strict dress codes? Teachers touching your face to see if you shaved like they wanted? 50 students and one teacher? Your teacher being almost as old as you? (He was 26 teaching automotive brakes... No experience.) Well Ranken Technical is for you! Seriously contact me before you pay for this over priced "school".

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Address: 431 Minor Street

Place: Not applicable, not in Carnegie universe (not accredited or nondegree-granting)

General Phone Number: +8605848433

Institution is active in current year: 1

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