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At the Logan University through Chiropractic program you can gain degrees of such award levels: Doctor's degree - professional practice. The classes of this program will be conducted at 1851 Schoettler Rd.

The average total number of students of all degrees enrolled in this specialty is 217 or more and 68.2% of students are men. 0.9% of students enrolled in the Chiropractic program are non-residents of the United States.

Logan University campus is safe for students with 0.11% of maximum crimes a year. Nonforcible sex offense is the most frequently detected crimes. Academic/career counselling and employment services available for students.

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Overall Rating:

This is not a true naturopathic school. Someone was looking to make more money so they decided to add in the ND degree but if I were you, I’d chose another school. This school makes NDs take a ton of DC classes and DCs don’t have to take ND classes. All of the adjustments and other DC classes takes away from what NDs should be focused on, like immunology, cancer or more pathology, more layouts of herbs. You will spends way too much money here taking classes that you can’t use when you graduate.Someone needs to fix that curriculum, you look at any other ND school and it is not set up this way.

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Overall Rating:

Over the past 2 months, I have had several appointments. Each time I have met with an intern for the entire visit, only to have the clinician pop in at the end of the visit only to reaffirm her opinion for my future care. She provided no other evaluation or exam. She was only there to speak. She was never in my presence for more than (4-5) minutes.. Several blood tests, and a Urinalysis, and a (4) day diet diary review. No xrays have been suggested or discussed. During (2) of the visits, the intern did provide (2) specific adjustment methods but I felt no physical improvement whatsoever. Mainly exercises were recommended and observed during the visit, with continued home care recommendations until next appointment. I was sold "doctor evaluated and approved" supplements which I later found were available on Amazon and were a lot less. The exam rooms remind me of prison holding cells and the lab rooms seem unsanitary. THE RECEPTIONIST ARE STONE COLD! That is unless a Dr walks in or they are introduced by a colleague, then they are sweet as roses. Otherwise, you will be lucky to get a smile or a "thank you" for your business. TWICE, I have called the main line and the receptionist immediately told me they were going to put me on hold. Once, I waited over 20 minutes, then called from another line, where my call was immediately answered and assistance was offered - while my original call was kept on "hold". The next time, this happened for 8 mins before I hung up and called back. I didn't bother to address the inconsideration the second time. There has been no improvement and will be no additional appointments based on my evaluation as a whole. The only reason I gave a star is because the intern was a nice person. My advise is to steer clear of NUHS and find a corrective chiropractor with the skills any reputable Chiropractors would recommend. This place was not helpful at all.

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Overall Rating:

I have two major issues I'd like to publicize as a graduate from this program. Before I was a student, I had obtained several certifications that allowed me to work with clients from a wellness perspective - personal training, general nutritional guidance, etc. (like a health/wellness coach if you will). I did this business while in school and it was a great way to hep my family survive while no income was coming in as a student. It was 100% legal and within the guidelines of these certifications. NUHS decided they were going to threaten me and shut my business down.The previous VP of the school (who will go unnamed) spear headed the attack. I was threatened to be expelled from school and threats to inform the Chiropractic Board to prevent me from ever being a doctor. It was scary for sure, b/c I didn't understand why they would do something like this, what was the end game here? I was operating legally and ethically, and it felt more personal on their end. Being a student, having limited funds, and not wanting to put my future career in jeopardy, the only option was to put my tail in between my legs and back into a corner. I closed everything, all the hard work and years of effort and succumbed to their threats. After spending close to $200,000 on my education, I didn't think this was a great way to be treated.After graduating and moving on, I thought the harassment was over. Years after graduating and separating myself from National's toxic environment, I was doing well for myself. Life was good, and business was even better. Out of nowhere I then had a major heart incident and decided to change the direction of my company. I needed to simplify life, and started to go through a major transition. During this transition finances become tight and I was looking for a gig to fill the gap until I could get my company back up and running. I applied for a position at a facility that will go unnamed. Everything went incredibly well with the interview and hiring process. I had several colleagues who worked for them who provided glowing recommendations, I met with one of the owner's, the clinic director and interviewed well. My references called me and told me they gave fantastic recommendations and that I should have them job for sure. Long story short, I ended up not getting the job. I asked my good friend who worked for the company what happened, everything looked so promising? He informed me that somewhere along the interview process, this company spoke with NUHS and whoever they spoke with urged them not to hire me. Another professional sabotage from National University of Health Sciences.To this day I'm not sure what I did to this school to deserve this type of treatment. I actually got really good grades and was a good doctor. The worst part about this is I've heard from other colleagues they've been treated in similar ways. This is not an isolated incident. This is an incredibly unfortunate set of circumstances and I think the public should be aware of how this institution is run. Furthermore, every prospective student should be aware of this. Hence posting & sharing this information.As you get older, you get wiser. There is no revenge I seek and what was first anger and resentment, has turned into motivation and fuel. I do hope NUHS learns from this. Now I maintain 3 extremely successful practices, and life is very good. I highly discourage prospective students from attending this school. There are far too many other programs that will not do this to do you - and hopefully this never happens to any other NUHS students. The 1 star is for the few amazing faculty members that played a role in shaping my career. Other than that, I'd stay away.

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Overall Rating:

I have a weekly appointment at the school for a massage. Even though they are students for the most part they do a good job. Can't beat the price $40 for an hour! I was able to get on a regular schedule with them which makes it very convenient.

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Overall Rating:

Love the School. I'm a 2nd year ND student and as challenging as the curriculum is, I try to embrace every day! The administration listens to students and makes as many accommodations as they can to provide a positive learning experience and culture for the students. The location is great and the facility provides necessary resources to be a successful student. (I get it, it's impossible to make everyone happy, but majority of my colleagues seem just fine). The instructors are top notch, professional, and have high expectations as they should since they want to create great doctors. The students also receive good care at the school clinic as well as intern there as well. I recommend NUHS to anyone looking to become a pioneer in integrative medicine and want to provide non-toxic, less invasive, quality care at the same time promoting health and disease prevention! I realized that we make the culture what it is, so you can choose to look at everything that you don't like, or focus on all the good things and embrace the challenge! You make yourself who want to be in the end, so make the most of it and jump on as many opportunities as you can get! If I can do it, so can you!

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Address: 1851 Schoettler Rd

Place: Other health professions schools

General Phone Number: +6362272100

Institution is active in current year: 1

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