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At the Dordt College through Engineering program you can obtain degrees of the following award levels: Bachelor's degree. Secondary school GPA, Secondary school record, Completion of college-preparatory program, Admission test scores, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are demanded when applying. The lessons of this program will be conducted at 498 4th Ave NE.

The average total number of students of all degrees engaged in this specialty is 27 or more and 92.6% of students are men. 3.7% of students enrolled in the Engineering program are non-residents of the United States.

Dordt College provides on-campus housing and board and meal plans. Dordt College campus is safe for students with 0.14% of maximum crimes a year. Forcible sex offense, burglary and motor vehicle theft are the most frequently noticed crimes. Academic/career counselling and employment services provided for students. 27% of students have financial aid.

Check out the Other Programs block, if you are still trying to figure out what program to pick. There you сan discover all the information about other programs at Dordt College. You can utilize filter option “by degree” to sort programs depending on the degree you're interested in. To explore a list of all colleges and universities in Iowa offering Engineering programs, tap on the blue button on the right. The total number of institutions offering programs in Engineering in Iowa are 13, such as Des Moines Area Community College, Ellsworth Community College, Indian Hills Community College and other.

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  • Secondary school record
  • Completion of college-preparatory program
  • Admission test scores
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Student Reviews and Ratings for Dordt College

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Overall Rating:

Professors are hit and miss. counselling services are good. Buildings are in dire need of renovation. Living facilities are sub-par, with newer buildings being fine but older buildings being unsanitary (especially bathrooms). Dining halls offer little variety with everything tasting the same and occasionally being under-cooked. You can always tell when visitors are coming because that is when the dining halls put in actual effort. My biggest issue is that 70% of the faculty are vastly pretentious and rude; acting curt and caustic and treating most students like an inconvenience. Its sad because , to most, it overshadows the 30% of caring/kind faculty who do put in effort and time for students.(Some time later): Montana State University : For two years in a row, I've been one of the very first students to sign up for housing arrangements as soon as they are available. For two years in a row, I've set my preferences. I've looked the registration desk clerk in the eyed and said "anything besides Johnstone would be fine.". I get my preferences done verbally, on paper, and on the housing website.For two years in a row, i get an email saying I've been assigned to johnstone.

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Overall Rating:

My daughter has just completed two semesters as part of her study abroad programme from Plymouth University in England. She starts her journey home today. Bozeman is a great city in an amazing location. Her professors have been really supportive and her exam results have be really impressive. The accommodation is clean and comfortable and everyone made her so welcome. She has made some special friends for life. Highly recommended.

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Overall Rating:

Mountains and Crimes not Mountains and Minds! MSU is not a safe place for me and in my opinion, American women and minorities should avoid MSU. Here's some of what I went through.During my first year of graduate school, I was a victim of a crime on campus. I did not know the perp and I was terrified. I requested help dealing with the fear and received none. I was stuck in a referral circle between the VOICE center and counseling services as each place said they didn't have the resources to help me.While going through this, I still had to be a student and had to take an exam that would determine if I was worthy enough to work towards a PhD. I took the exam and was happy to receive a MS pass but that soon changed after several students separately told me that a male student scored lower than me on the exam and he was given a PhD pass.At first, I didn't believe it because that is supposed to be private information. However, one student told me an answer I gave to a question because they were discussing it in their group meeting. When I confronted the faculty, they lied to me, so I sued MSU and discovered the gossip was indeed fact.In an interview for the case, the head of the exam committee, who is now the department head, stated, "We gave him a PhD pass because we felt he suffered from testing anxiety and she needed to work harder."When I spoke with the Dean, I learned that the Physics department is the only department on campus that is not required to have their graduate program audited by outside faculty. All other departments are required to submit their exams, grading scales, and graded student exams to the dean and all results would be reviewed by faculty from other departments to ensure academic honesty and integrity. The Physics Dept. is unique, they only have to send a pass/fail letter to the dean. The school does absolutely nothing to ensure the physics department has academic integrity.I left that horrible school to discover that the faculty gossip didn't end with the local grad students. Faculty associated with an organization in my field spread rumors and misrepresented me to other scientists in retaliation for suing them. I was harassed by some of them at meetings and to this day I feel uncomfortable going to them. MSU did nothing to address these behaviors. The only thing that happened was that the US Dept. of Education increased their monitoring of MSU based on my complaint. Mainly because a faculty member posted my name, student ID, and course grades online. I found out when my name popped up through a Google search for my cousin! Most of the faculty that I dealt with still teach at MSU.One of the most important things I've learned about MSU is that when something bad happened to me on their campus, they overwhelmingly demonstrated that they don't care. They went to great lengths to discredit me for advocating for myself and for women in general. I went through hell when I asked for the female PhD graduation rate and they never provided me a straight answer. They don’t have to provide straight answers, who is going to make them, Judge G. Todd Baugh?I originally posted a review on Facebook but they disabled that feature and sent me an email claiming to have made changes improving student experiences. They never addressed how they treated me. No acknowledgment, no apology. What happened to me at MSU could happen to anyone. Advocating for yourself threatens their sick environment. If you grew up in a country where you were marginalized then you'll probably be okay at MSU. I recommend Americans avoid MSU.

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Overall Rating:

I hope you enjoy bloated tuition for professors to read off power-point slides to you. 90% of The staff acts like you are an inconvenience when you talk to them. housing facilities are in deplorable shape. Dining halls are just filled with generic food that sit under a heat-lamp all day. Only ran into like 3 professors who made any effort to teach, and they were not shy to state how much they hated teaching here.

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Overall Rating:

In the middle of year two studying engineering. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Great setting, helpful professors, and fun classes.Figured I should update this. Graduated in 4 years and had a blast doing it. 10/10 would recommend

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