Masters of Cosmetology College in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, IN

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Masters of Cosmetology College offers 10-degree programs. Student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1. 1 high safety campus. 3.7% are women, and 96.3% are men. The average annual total cost of attendance at Masters of Cosmetology College is 13774$, that is at the level of national average. 42% of full-time Masters of Cosmetology College students completed their education in 150 percent of time: graduation rate is at the level of national average. Average salary after attending is $15,200, so if you studied 2 years, you’ll get your funds back in less than 2 years.

Average Annual Cost

Average annual cost includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, and living expenses, minus the average grant/scholarship aid. Separate metrics have calculated for different institutions depends on calendar system and sector of the establishment (public or private).

The Masters of Cosmetology College is a private and academic-year institution, so it’s net price represents an average of all programs and includes only undergraduates who first enrolled in the fall term and receive Title IV aid. The total cost of attendance depends on whether undergraduates live on campus, off campus (not with family), or off campus (with family).


By Family Income

Depending on the federal state, or institutional grant and available, Masters of Cosmetology College students in your income bracket may pay more of less than the overall average costs.

Family IncomeAverage cost
$0 - $30,000$13,774
$30,001 - $48,000--
$48,001 - $75,000--
$75,001 - $110,000--

Student charges

Historical tuition and fees

Historical books and supplies cost

Student charges by the largest programs

The estimated cost of the Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist (the 2d largest program, lasting 9 months) is $10,050 per year and $120,600 in total. Cosmetology, Barber/Styling, and Nail Instructor is the third largest program at Masters of Cosmetology College, and it takes a full-time student 10 months to complete. This one will cost $6,517 per year and $78,200 for the full completion. The 4th largest with 4 months length will cost you $1,300 per year, $15,600 for the complete course.


Percent of students with financial aid


Types of financial aids


57 of Masters of Cosmetology College undergraduates were awarded with some type of financial aid, it’s 53 percents of all undergraduate students. This makes Masters of Cosmetology College number 111 in the amount of financial aid awarded to students among all educational institutions in Indiana.

Students at Masters of Cosmetology College awarded 5 types of loans or aids, the biggest percent of students received a any financial aid.

Salary After Attending


According to College Scorecard Data from U.S. Department of Education

Students services


Academic/career counseling service

Employment services for students

Living & meal

Full-time, first-time degree/certificate-seeking students required to live on campus

Institution provide on-campus housing

Institution provides board or meal plan

Veteran Services Available

Services and programs are not available to veterans, military servicemembers, or their families

Disability services


Percent indicator of undergraduates formally registered as students with disabilities

Does not offer distance education opportunities

Alternative tuition plans

Any alternative tuition plans offered by institution

Tuition payment plan

Tuition payment plan - a program that allows tuition to be paid in installments spread out over an agreed upon period of time, sometimes without interest or finance charges.

Graduation Rate


Masters of Cosmetology College graduation rate is below the national average.

42% of full-time students enrolled for the first time to Masters of Cosmetology College completed the education program and got a degree in 150 percent of the expected time of completion.

The graduation rate value includes only programs that were completed less than six years for four-year degrees or less than three years for two-year degrees.

Graduation rate is the percentage of institution’s new-entering, first-time, first-year undergraduate students who complete their program within 150% of the published time for the program. Graduation rate excludes an extensive number of students. This index doesn’t consider students of nontraditional enrollments - part-time students, students who enroll mid-year, and who transfer from one institution to another. So graduation rate alone can create a misleading picture. Completion rate in the form of total number of students receiving any types of awards/degrees creates a complete picture. Combining this data with graduation rate is a better way to compare institutions.

Student Body

The student-to-faculty ratio at Masters of Cosmetology College is 7:1, that means that for every 7 students the institution has one professor, lecturer or specialist with a degree in education. Lower student-to-faculty ratio is better - it means that professors can dedicate more time and attention to each student.

Student-to-faculty ratio



Race/ethnicity breakdown


Students enrollment in distance education


In Masters of Cosmetology College the biggest percent of students are enrolled in on-campus courses.

Distance education location breakdown


Here are the students enrolled exclusively in distance education courses at Masters of Cosmetology College and grouped by their location. Distance education courses are the most popular for students located in not reported location.

Campus Safety

The percentage of crimes on Main Campus

The campus located by 1732 Bluffton Rd address in Ft Wayne, Indiana.


Main Campus in comparison of all branches in the US. It is calculated as the average percent of crimes yearly by five years of data for every campus, based on an overall number of students studying there. The branch is a part of Masters of Cosmetology College with 4.3% of maximum crimes a year. The only type of crimes detected on Main Campus is burglary.

Academic Programs

Number of degree programs offered

Masters of Cosmetology College offers 10 programs in total: 6 are for 1-year, but less than-2-year certificate programs and 4 are less than 1-year certificate programs.

This is one of the lowest number of programs in comparison with other 135 universities in Indiana state. Masters of Cosmetology College is one of the few institutions in Indiana that offers a less than 1-year certificate program.


Total credit/contact hours

Here you can find the data on instructional activity in measured in total credit and/or contact hours delivered by institutions during a 12-month period. Also we shown the Indiana state average data to help you compare.


Masters of Cosmetology College provides coursework for undergraduate students оnly.

In 2014-2015 academic year estimated full-time equivalent undergraduate enrollment was 100 students with 89859 сontact hours for 12-month instructional activity period.

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Student Reviews and Ratings for Masters of Cosmetology College

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating:

First, the person who wrote the review 5 years ago blaming the students for everything is clearly someone who worked for the school. The school was full of mold! Two students from one class ended up with breast cancer and I'm one of them! Do your research black mold causes cancer! The school was extremely ghetto! They had aluminium foil all over the ghetto walls! The place is and was a dump! We were 100% scammed into thinking this was an amazing school! We weren't even taught by licensed teachers for 9 months! How can anyone call that a quality education? We were treated like trash! The best way I can describe is like a mild holocaust! I feel we were severely looked down upon by the owner and her extremely rude daughter. Kari would constantly put students down calling them ugly. I'll tell ya what's ugly...destroying the lives of 100s of students! That makes them very ugly! Their fake boobs and facelifts, fancy cars, big houses, motorcycles (all bought with our money) isn't going to make them look good now that this is all out in the open. It's funny I'm told one of them was bragging that they can now apply for unemployment since the school closed! Taking from the tax payers now! Ya know who deserves a vacation to cancel now? US STUDENTS!

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

For 6 years we have sat back and watched Kaydean and Kari live a life of luxury. While we have struggled with even purchasing homes, cars or anything requiring credit, they have been going on lavish vacations, buying motorcycles and even getting plastic surgery with the money they stole from us.The number of students that were swindled by these women is ridiculous. These women have zero remorse for what they've done (especially Kari). Even if they didn't take loans in your name, they would withhold your student records so you couldn't transfer your hours and finish your education within the allowable timeframe of the Indiana Licensing Board.I vowed on the day I left the school that I would never stop fighting until I brought them to their knees. Well guess what. It took 6 years but it finally happened.Kaydean, I hope that the judge sees the magnitude of what you did and gives you the full 5 years. You deserve every second of it and more.Kari - Karma will find you too. And in case you haven't noticed, the karma train is pretty darn big and packs one hell of a punch. Someday, somehow you will pay for what you have done to all of us and we will be front and center watching it happen.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

Well the article from the Journal Gazette says it all. Thanks for making your students look like fools for attending there. You stole financial aid money from your students to make yourself even more money then you ripped us off for to begin with. The bad part is I had heard the rumors and defended you. I hope you end up as broke as some of us were when we were trying to improve our lives while attending Masters.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

The school smells like mold. Uh, no it doesn’t. The refridgerator smells but that is because STUDENTS fail to take their food home for weeks. And occasionally towels stink because STUDENTS fail to wash them. And the school has been in a remodeling process for a while now. It has been painted and new lockers added as well as the basement floor redone. Oh and it doesn’t flood anymore, but for the record when it did flood students did clean it! Why shouldn’t they it’s their school! If it were your salon would you not help clean it?! They do get hours for it though! And just because our school isn’t in cherry hill does not mean it’s in “the ghetto”! “The instructors and staff play favorites.” Let me say this: Every school no matter where you go will always show a small bit of favoritism! But that doesn’t mean that because you got noticed doing something outside the rules (no matter how small the infraction) and suzie didn’t get caught doing the same thing that they play favorites. And Rachel is no longer employed at the school and as a matter of fact neither is Barb and the school is doing quite well without her ( not that I don’t like her). And my final point. Unless the “former student” that wrote the previous reviews had access to Masters financial reports / books then they have no merit in saying that Kaydean “can afford” to move the school as this person has no clue to the running costs of such an institution.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

As a former student I can totally speak from my heart when I am writing this review.. Master's has an excellent educational program.. everything else about the school is bad..and I wish I didn't go there it has cost me A LOT of un called for spending.. For starts the school is completely over populated.. There is only about 60 stations in the school and there is 25 students per class it takes a minimum of 1 yr to graduate so you do the math..If there is 25 girls per class the stations would be fill up with 2 classes there is 3 classes per yr so there is plenty of girls without a station.. they get by with it by saying if you don't have at least a 90% attendance rate you loose your station.. sounds ok but when you are spending 15,000 dollars you should be guaranteed a station regardless of your attendance.. because when you are at school you and you get a client and you don't have a station you have to find someone that isn't using there's carry your stuff up and work on the person before the persons station you are using gets a client and hope they don't get one randomly.. it is not a good set up..the only reason it is overpopulated is because the owner is SO money hungry (I will get to that later)! The school is falling apart it smells like mold and needs updated BADLY.. and it is in the ghetto no questions asked. The instructors and office staff plays favorites and Rachel the financial aid person is horrible at her job.. if you have to go to her for ANYTHING she gets mad and takes FOREVER! Sorry but all you are asking for her to do is her job! When it rains the basement floods horribly and they have to close down school (pushing your graduation back even farther) and they make YOU come in and clean it up "and if you have a problem with cleaning up your school you can just clock out and go home" They are also very racist.. I am being completely honest when I say this I have seen it done EVERY CLASS (and I am not ethnic) they pick on the ethnic girls to the point that they can't take it anymore and eventually just drop... it's so sad and I've seen it A LOT of times! (and I am not ethnic)! If you are 1 min late they make you leave which sounds ok until you drive for a hr and 15 mins (me) and they make you leave because you clocked in at 9:00:03 so then they get there 160 for that day! And if you clock in 2 seconds late for lunch they charge you for an hr if you clock in before 15 mins is up for lunch they charge you for a entire hr AND if you clock out after 4 o clock (have to leave a lil early) they charge you for an entire hr.. in my opinon this is just there way of making you reach your 180 hrs much much faster and making you be there for time that you aren't getting credit for also if you forget to clock back in from lunch for an hr or 2 (or longer) forget about that time they aren't fixing it! (To long so continued on another review!)

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Location & Website

Address: 1732 Bluffton Rd


Religious affiliation: Not applicable

Calendar system: Differs by program

General Phone Number: +2607476667

Institution is active in current year: 1

Institution's internet website address:

Financial aid office: Go to the page

Admissions office: Go to the page

Online application: Go to the page

Net price calculator: Go to the page

Veterans and Military Service members tuition policies: Go to the page

Student-Right-to-Know student athlete graduation rate: Go to the page

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