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At the Lock Haven University through Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences program you can gain degrees of such award levels: Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree. Secondary school GPA, Secondary school record, Admission test scores, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are demanded or admission. The classes of this program will be conducted at 401 North Fairview Street.

The average total number of students of all degrees enrolled in this specialty is 129 or more and 27.9% of students are men.

Lock Haven University provides on-campus housing. Lock Haven University campus is safe for students with 0.51% of maximum crimes a year. Burglary, forcible sex offense and robbery are the most often detected crimes. Students that live on campus typically paying room charge worth 5964$ for academic year. Academic/career counselling and employment services provided for students. 22% of students have financial aid.

Please pay attention that if you are trying to figure out what program to choose on the Other Programs block you сan discover all the information about other programs at Lock Haven University. We included filter option “by degree”, so you could examine programs with the degree you're interested in. If you want to find a list of all colleges and universities in Pennsylvania providing Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences programs - please tap on the blue sidebar on the right. 28 universities are currently offering programs in Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences - King's College, La Roche College, Community College of Allegheny County and other.

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  • Secondary school GPA
  • Secondary school record
  • Admission test scores
  • Other Test (Wonderlic, WISC-III, etc.)

Neither required nor recommended

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)


  • Secondary school rank
  • Completion of college-preparatory program
  • Recommendations
  • Formal demonstration of competencies


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Student Reviews and Ratings for Lock Haven University

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating:

There are some good teachers here, but overall you won't have access to programs to help students. Sometimes even the tutors they give you will be a no show. All the dorms as well as the suites have different problems ranging from fire alarms, distance from campus that will make it a hazard getting to class for freshman, food was just ok, but not too much to do unless within the city itself. Be aware of the financial office, they will give you a headache on payments and receiving transcripts.

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Overall Rating:

Went expecting to commit to the school that day, but hated it. The people were kind, and the surrounding town wasn't bad. It's in a decent location, but the school is so under kept. It looked junky, especially the dorm life. Could be a great school, but needs to step it up! I've heard the same complaints from everyone

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Overall Rating:

My experience at LHU has been great so far. There isn't much to do in this small little town but So far I cannot complain. I transferred here this spring and have made tons of friends.

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Overall Rating:

This my second year at LHU. I still love it. The PA program is excellent. The SSS program is fitting for those students who have disabilities, and those people who are poor, this also includes those students who are first generation college students. Most of the professors are very helpful. Use the university's resources ASAP and you'll be golden. And for those students who have accomodations: try to set up your accomodations early according to your disability.

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Overall Rating:

This review is specifically for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program.First off, I was lied to and informed that the program could be completed within 2 years. However, because THEY ONLY HAVE TWO professors running the ENTIRE program, they couldn't do it in less than 3 years. Even then, that's not terrible. However, the thing I could not get over was how much of an idiot my advisor and one (of two) professor was. I was treated like a child and I did not learn a thing. I was barely trying because I was so frustrated, and I still had all As in the 4 courses I was taking. The program is a joke, and if you truly want to be a counselor I highly suggest going somewhere else (as I have) so you can actually learn.I have never given a review to a college before but, I hated this program so much I had to.

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