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At the Shawnee State University through Health Professions and Related Programs program you can gain degrees of such award levels: Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree. The classes of this program will be conducted at 940 Second St.

The average total number of students of all degrees engaged in this specialty is 249 or more and 22.1% of students are men.

Shawnee State University provides on-campus housing and board and meal plans. Shawnee State University campus is safe for students with 0.37% of maximum crimes a year. Burglary, forcible sex offense and motor vehicle theft are the most often detected crimes. Students that live on campus typically paying room charge worth 6168$ for academic year. Academic/career counselling and employment services offered for students. 25% of students are granted with financial aid.

Please pay attention that if you are thinking about what program to select on the Other Programs block you сan explore all the information about other programs at Shawnee State University. We included filter option “by degree”, so you could explore programs with the degree you're interested in. If you want to explore a list of all colleges and universities in Ohio offering Health Professions and Related Programs programs - please click the blue button on the right. 249 universities are currently offering programs in Health Professions and Related Programs - ETI Technical College, Miami-Jacobs Career College-Independence, Air Force Institute of Technology-Graduate School of Engineering & Management and other.

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Overall Rating:

A complete waste of time other than the co-ops. Could have been better off without a college.

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Overall Rating:

The best decision I have ever had. The quality of education and faculty are so marvelous! Online education is top notch quality with Drexel. Their access service is very good!

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Overall Rating:

Interviewed with Jennifer Brown as a transfer student. Extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Though I didn’t receive my decision on the spot, I received additional and detailed information on the next step to becoming a Drexel student.

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Overall Rating:

For academics and preparing you for college readiness, I'd tank this school in the ivy leagues. I'm a highly focused student and a challenging curriculum is what I was looking for. It's very intensive but you will learn essential technical skills. The CO-OP program puts you miles ahead of your peers. Drexel students mature early because of this, and are much more prepared for the real world. The professors almost always have real world experience and if you put forth the effort and participate, you will learn and get individual attention so much more. Socially, this school is terrible. I've wanted to leave since the day I got here. It's really hard to make friends and the clubs are usually exclusive. Greek life is non existent. The CO-OP program isolates you from your friends for 6 months, which makes it impossible to form meaningful relationships. The quarter system and attending all year round puts strain on family relationships and friends back home. The support groups at this school are horrible as well. The school pride is 100% negative; I don't think in my 3.5 years here that I've ever passed a student saying a positive thing about the school, and that is certainly a reflection of the lack of sports teams. I took the social downfalls for the academic programs and honestly, I've been really miserable. Think long and hard about attending a school like this, especially if you don't like being alone very often. I cannot speak for other people experiences, but most people I've encountered would agree with what I have said about the social life here. Doesn't mean the school can't improve, but where it's at now, it's a lot of money to be miserable like I am for 5 years. I cannot give up the CO-OP program so I'm basically stuck here. If social life is in your top 3 most important things for a college to have, don't go here.

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Overall Rating:

Always heard about this campus. Always wanted to come and visit it. The campus is Very beautiful with a great resources. The campus is so huge within a large area that it will take you hours to visit all the buildings And buildings are very beautiful and historic. Love the campus.

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Address: 940 Second St

Place: Baccalaureate Colleges--Arts & Sciences

General Phone Number: +7403543205

Institution is active in current year: 1

Institution's internet website address: WWW.SHAWNEE.EDU

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Admissions office: Go to the page

Online application: Go to the page

Net price calculator: Go to the page

Veterans and Military Service members tuition policies: Go to the page

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