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D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences offers 12-degree programs. Student-to-faculty ratio is 14:1. 3.7% are women, and 96.3% are men. The average annual total cost of attendance at D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences is 19158$, that is above national average. 54% of full-time D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences students completed their education program in 150 percent of time: graduation rate is above national average. Average salary after attending is $15,500, so if you studied 2 years, you’ll get your funds back in less than 2 years.

Average Annual Cost

Average annual cost includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, and living expenses, minus the average grant/scholarship aid. Separate metrics have calculated for different institutions depends on calendar system and sector of the establishment (public or private).

The D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences is a private and academic-year institution, so it’s net price represents an average of all programs and includes only undergraduates who first enrolled in the fall term and receive Title IV aid. The total cost of attendance depends on whether undergraduates live on campus, off campus (not with family), or off campus (with family).


By Family Income

Depending on the federal state, or institutional grant and available, D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences students in your income bracket may pay more of less than the overall average costs.

Family IncomeAverage cost
$0 - $30,000$18,825
$30,001 - $48,000$20,157
$48,001 - $75,000--
$75,001 - $110,000--

Student charges

Historical tuition and fees

Student charges by the largest programs

The estimated cost of the Cosmetology/Cosmetologist, General (the 2d largest program, lasting 13 months) is $18,633 per year and $223,600 in total. Cosmetology, Barber/Styling, and Nail Instructor is the third largest program at D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences, and it takes a full-time student 6 months to complete. This one will cost $3,600 per year and $43,200 for the full completion. The 4th largest with 6 months length will cost you $3,600 per year, $43,200 for the complete course.


Percent of students with financial aid


Types of financial aids


53 of D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences undergraduates were awarded with some type of financial aid, it’s 50 percents of all undergraduate students. This makes D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences number 97 in the amount of financial aid awarded to students among all educational institutions in Louisiana.

Students at D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences awarded 5 types of loans or aids, the biggest percent of students received a federal, state, local or institutional grant aid.

Salary After Attending


According to College Scorecard Data from U.S. Department of Education

Students services


Academic/career counseling service

Employment services for students

Living & meal

Full-time, first-time degree/certificate-seeking students required to live on campus

Institution provide on-campus housing

Institution provides board or meal plan

Veteran Services Available

Services and programs are not available to veterans, military servicemembers, or their families

Disability services


Percent indicator of undergraduates formally registered as students with disabilities

Does not offer distance education opportunities

Alternative tuition plans

Any alternative tuition plans offered by institution

Tuition payment plan

Tuition payment plan - a program that allows tuition to be paid in installments spread out over an agreed upon period of time, sometimes without interest or finance charges.

Graduation Rate


D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences graduation rate is above the national average.

54% of full-time students enrolled for the first time to D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences completed the education program and got a degree in 150 percent of the expected time of completion.

The graduation rate value includes only programs that were completed less than six years for four-year degrees or less than three years for two-year degrees.

Graduation rate is the percentage of institution’s new-entering, first-time, first-year undergraduate students who complete their program within 150% of the published time for the program. Graduation rate excludes a huge number of students. This indicator doesn’t take into account students of nontraditional enrollments - part-time students, students who enroll mid-year, and who transfer from one institution to another. So graduation rate alone can create a misleading perception. Completion rate in the form of total number of students receiving any types of awards/degrees creates a complete picture. Combining this data with graduation rate is a better way to compare educational institutions.

Student Body

The student-to-faculty ratio at D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences is 14:1, that means that for every 14 students the institution has one professor, lecturer or specialist with a degree in education. Lower student-to-faculty ratio is better - it means that professors can dedicate more time and attention to each student.

Student-to-faculty ratio



Race/ethnicity breakdown


Students enrollment in distance education


In D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences the biggest percent of students are enrolled in on-campus courses.

Distance education location breakdown


Here are the students enrolled exclusively in distance education courses at D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences and grouped by their location. Distance education courses are the most popular for students located in not reported location.

Academic Programs

Number of degree programs offered

D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences offers 12 programs in total: 6 are for less than 1-year certificate programs and 6 are 1-year, but less than-2-year certificate programs.

This is one of the lowest number of programs in comparison with other 27 universities in East Baton Rouge Parish county. D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences is one of the few institutions in East Baton Rouge Parish that offers a less than 1-year certificate program.


Total credit/contact hours

Here you can find the data on instructional activity in measured in total credit and/or contact hours delivered by institutions during a 12-month period. Also we shown the Louisiana state average data to help you compare.


D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences provides coursework for undergraduate students оnly.

In 2014-2015 academic year estimated full-time equivalent undergraduate enrollment was 41 students with 36895 сontact hours for 12-month instructional activity period.

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Student Reviews and Ratings for D'Jay's School of Beauty Arts and Sciences

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating:

Horrible school. I wouldn’t recommended it to anyone. It’s a very stressful place. Rules constantly changing. Staff members quitting and they are short handed. State board doesn’t do anything about it because the school has them under their hand. The owner asked students to write good reviews. This school may have been around for a long time but it sure doesn’t seem like it. It’s so unorganized and scattered. When you first sign up they seem so nice and caring but it’s not like that at all. Doctor excuses aren’t a thing to them even if you bring it they don’t document it so you’re attendance rate goes down. And once it goes below 70% you will have to owe them money. They don’t care about family members passing and if you miss class on a mandatory day it won’t be excused. There was 2 students who attended funerals on Saturday and came back. With proof and yet they didn’t care so they ended up getting suspended the following school day. The school needs a lot of maintenance starting with washing machines. One of them makes a really loud noise and shakes so bad to the point of it coming out of the wall and flooding part of the class room. Make sure if you attend the school to get a break down of everything and always keep your contract because they will breach it. Just like how our state board test is suppose to be all paid for. At least the first one. And if you have to retake it then that comes out of your pocket. But no that’s a lie. What they don’t tell you is that you pay them for the test and when you finish and have to schedule your test that’s when you have to pay another 83$

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

I have been enjoying DJ's for over 8 years. Driving from Prairieville, I have continued patronizing the school for a number of reasons like available services, cost point and customer service; but especially the services from the esthetics program. This is the oldest esthetics school in Baton Rouge. Always clean. Always friendly. Not pushy to sell products or services. Consistently satisfied with services. Remember, if you are unsatisfied with any business, respectfully speak up. You are helping the business grow and succeed. Growth never stops for anyone. After 8 years of services I confidently review DJs at 5 stars overall.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. The owner will try to swoon you in every way possible to get you to enroll. Once they have your money you’re stuck until you either graduate or pay them off. The esthetics program is a huge disappointment. They promise all these certifications but most student have to seek further training outside of school because the teacher does not actually teach. She sits on her phone or computer, ordering things on Amazon every day. Rules change daily so you never know what’s right or wrong. They don’t follow their own rules written in the book you receive when you enroll. The school will send you home for having dirty shoes or a wrinkled uniform, then the hours you miss from being sent home will be used against you. In the end, before you’re allowed to take your state board test, you will owe them more money. As if $15,000 wasn’t enough. They claim to be a MAC school but they never attend any MAC classes and no longer provide students with a MAC makeup kit. They give students a home made makeup kit they are REQUIRED to use on clients, that was made by a teacher at the school. Students have to clean on a regular basis, not just their work stations but the entire classroom, laundry room and clinic. There’s also mold growing in the clinic and in the bathrooms. The electrical wiring is hazardous and not up to code. One day the clinic almost caught on fire due to faulty wiring. If you have kids don’t even think about coming to this school. They don’t care if your child is sick and can’t go to daycare or school, they do not care if you bring a doctors excuse. It all counts against you, they will do anything to get more money out of you. Djay’s and it’s owners do not care about students, all they care about it MONEY MONEY MONEY. BEWARE!!! There are a few other programs for esthetics, choose wisely!!! The owner is an incredibly rude woman who has gone into the class room and called the students frogs and said she “does not need them, she makes her money regardless if students get expelled!” And she “has no problem expelling every single one of the students in the esthetics program.” She picks on students who aren’t on her list of favorites. She has no professional ethics!!! She talks to her students as if they were dogs. Go ANYWHERE except D’jays! There’s Aveda in covington, John jays in Kenner and now Richport on Sherwood.

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

I have a family member who attended this school. I've never heard anything great about this place. These people are so unorganized and unprofessional! Student were forced to sign a form stating they gave the school permission to hold their financial aid checks and the forms were all back dated to last year. These young ladies are scared to stand up for themselves thinking they will be expelled because they are threatened to be expelled so often. MONEY HUNGRY! Once I visited this school for a back treatment and I entered through the front door and one of the staff members told me to walk around the building to the back door that day I did not receive my back treatment. Complete idiots run this place. This isn't a school for parents or pregnant students either. I was told a student was pregnant during enrollment and 3 weeks later she got kicked out of the program. Parents, I hear when your kid gets sick and you have to take a few days off it counts against you and runs your time up. You will be required to pay over time fees $240 per week is a pretty penny!

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE! STUDENTS DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL! This school is horrible, the owner is miserable, mean, and only wants your money then she turns on you. They are constantly expelling students for no reason, changing rules that are not in the handbook, and set the students up for failure. Honestly I do not know how this place is still in business, it is a total scam! They tell you want you want to hear when signing up then go back on everything they told you. Sick, they don't care even with a Doctors excuse. They set the students up for failure, failure, failure! Once they have your money they don't care if you succeed, they would prefer you not succeed so they can fill another spot since they have your money. The school claims to be a MAC school and tell you that you get this awesome MAC makeup kit but you don't, they require you to buy this horrible make up kit for $650 THAT IS MADE BY ONE OF THE TEACHERS. I wouldn't buy this stuff at the dollar store but they want the students to use it on clients. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Location & Website

Address: 10120 Red Oaks Dr.


Religious affiliation: Not applicable

Calendar system: Continuous

General Phone Number: +2252726595

Institution is active in current year: 1

Institution's internet website address: djaysschoolofbeauty.com

Financial aid office: Go to the page

Admissions office: Go to the page

Online application: Go to the page

Net price calculator: Go to the page

Veterans and Military Service members tuition policies: Go to the page

Student-Right-to-Know student athlete graduation rate: Go to the page

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