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At the Washington State Community College through Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities program you can gain degrees of the following award levels: Associate's degree. The classes of this program will be conducted at 710 Colegate Dr.

The average total number of students of all degrees engaged in this specialty is 64 or more and 43.8% of students are men.

Washington State Community College campus is safe for students with 0.06% of maximum crimes a year. Burglary is the most often noticed crimes. Academic/career counselling is available for students. 7% of students receive financial aid.

Check out the Other Programs block, if you are still thinking about what program to select. There you сan discover all the information about other programs at Washington State Community College. You can apply filter option “by degree” to examine programs depending on the degree you're interested in. To open a list of all colleges and universities in Ohio offering Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities programs, tap on the blue sidebar on the right. The total number of institutions offering programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities in Ohio are 92, such as University of Akron Main Campus, University of Akron Wayne College, Ashland University and other.

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Overall Rating:

Coming to this school was a horrible mistake for me i attended the school for two semesters i had taken 4 classes both semesters i passed a majority of these classes with a C average but due to moronic proffesors i had failed two classes the first was an english class that had the majority of the grade decided by 5 essays i got a D or an F on every single one now i admit english is not my strong suit but i had repeated conversations with the proffesor about why my grade on the assighnments was so low her response usially was this is wasnt what i was looking for yeah because that helps me correct my mistake anyway onto the second class i failed an algebra course now i have never struggled in math i always found it pretty easy infact just watch what the teacher does with the problem and repeat it with different variations of the problem now in this algebra class i would get perfect 100 scores on all the homework assighnments but then when a test came around would normally get around 40 to 50 i had attended study groups with the proffesor to try and help my grade but all she the did was show me the steps i already knew then when i got my tests they always had the same grade along with points being taken off with unclear reasons i would have the problem correct and still lose points asled the proffesor multiple times about this never lead to a clear explanation or a solution so with my c average in all but two classes both of which i failed english had a 58 i did reatake and pass the same english class next semester my algebra class had a 38 this is do to the fact that after failing every test because tests were such a huge part of the grade that even if i got a perfect score on the final i would have failed so i didnt attend the final which lead to me losing my financial aid due to poor proffesors who are incapable of explaining there grading system to the students i am no longer attending college because i simply cant afford it without financial aid now onto other complaints the people that work in the financial aid office are incompitant i show up do all the steps they tell me to then i find out there is more to do have to come back later struggling to get clear help on filling out fasfa it took me an entire week to even manage to apply for financial aid then theres campus life there is almost nothing ever going on around campus now onto another complaint i was in a computer programming major in my two semesters i got one class related to this subject i came to the school to learn my major yes i understand general ed courses are requires but two semesters for one class related to the major i attended for there is a reason the schools graduation rate is so low this is truly a terrible school in almost every aspect other then appearences the campus looks nice so theres that dont be fooled you will waste your money and time if you attend

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Overall Rating:

I took a class here campus is very very nice. I love the fact that they have a stem center!

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Overall Rating:

This school is decent, and they have some excellent instructors, but their financial aid department is severely lacking. I've been going here part time for a couple years now, and almost every semester I run into a problem that could have been avoided. I constantly get conflicting information from one person to the next. More often than not I've found that even after I've done everything I've been told to do, it winds up having been unnecessary or there is still something that needs to be done that I was never informed of and leads to my classes getting dropped. On top of that, information has not been relayed to the correct places at times. For instance, on three occasions my "In school" status has not been reported to my federal loan servicer, either at all or until the previous semester has ended. I would advise anyone going here that receives finaid to check, check, and recheck that they're processing things on their end correctly and on time.

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Overall Rating:

Totally BS. I was transferring in from Calif with an A in Anatomy/ physiology and the counselor wouldn't accept it because their Anatomy class is broken down into two semesters instead of one. My class had the same identical description as theirs but because they like to milk it and turn one class into two so they can get more money for their school, she wouldn't except it.My anatomy class was extremely intense with over half the class dropping out, it had a lab and covered the microscopic functions of the liver, the kidney, heart, lungs, the eyes , etc all of the systems and everything that you can imagine . Everyday of my life for 3.5 months, hours upon hours were spent studying for this class, every day and night was devoted to this intense class, driving back and forth 35 mins each way and this woman just blows it off like it's nothing. Why? So she can bring in more money for her school , making students take classes over that they've already taken. It was a prereq for a med class and it's not good enough for her?? Haha!Every time she would read the description from her class, I would say we did that, we did that, we did that we did that , same description from my old College as theirs but she still refused to except it.I also brought in prereqs for the University I wanted to go to so she could tell me if my transferring credits would be equivalent to what they needed. She was barely making any effort to look at it! It was clear she didn't want to put any work in, I had to take my finger and point to a class on my transcript and try to get an answer out of her. She was trying to do as little as possible as she could. I was so frustrated.She was also the second counselor that I met with and neither one of them wanted to put all my transcripts in, they were all too lazy to do it. The first counselor only put my English in !.. and I have over 90 credits! The second said only the classes pertaining to my degree but I'm not sure which degree I'm going to choose so I'd like to have all of my classes put in. I have attended four communitu colleges now and I have never experienced such laxidasical and such laziness among staff. Usually you sit down with a counselor and they spend a lot of time with you converting your classes and making a plan for you, not at this school!And good luck trying to find your way around the school, because what little signs they have are small and put out of the way. It's like walking around in a rat's maze.As far as Financial aid : if you're transferring from out of state or another school with a lot of credits. I paved the way for you because they had no idea if my credits from the other school (which were maxed out) would affect my financial aid in this school. It took me awhile to get the answer. I went in Thursday and talked to a staff member who said he would give me the answer Monday, he did call but only to say he was still trying to find out. Wednesday came and still no feed back so I went down in person. Two staff members didn't know so I had to wait for them to track down the supervisor .Pulling out, finding another community college.

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Overall Rating:

Delaware County Community College is amazing and it’s a great way to start your learning experience. What I loved about the school is the staff, they are very cooperative and help solve any issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learning environment is very welcoming, tuition is affordable and you get to meet great students.

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Address: 710 Colegate Dr

Place: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Medium

General Phone Number: +7403748716

Institution is active in current year: 1

Institution's internet website address:

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Online application: Go to the page

Net price calculator: Go to the page

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