Dental Support Services and Allied Professions at Albany Technical College: Overview

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  • Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years 15

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At the Albany Technical College through Dental Support Services and Allied Professions program you can get degrees of the following award levels: Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years. The classes of this program will be conducted at 1704 South Slappey Boulevard.

The average total number of students of all degrees enrolled in this specialty is 15 or more and 13.3% of students are men.

Albany Technical College campus is safe for students with 0.08% of maximum crimes a year. Motor vehicle theft, forcible sex offense and burglary are the most frequently noticed crimes. Academic/career counselling and employment services offered for students. 11% of students receive financial aid.

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Overall Rating:

Please do not waste your money at this joke school. Attend a legitimate community college for these certifications, you will save upwards of 10k! The credits you will receive will actually transfer to university if you want to expand your income. Also when you are looking for employment an applicant that attended a legit community college will get the job over a for profit joke school every single time.

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Overall Rating:

seriously did not learn anything at this school, I passed it/graduated.. I have a job now I love. But in my opinion the MOA classes need a total rework. I have barely applied anything I have learned from there. Also, the one and only MOA teacher there is a total creep. sorry not sorry. further more, getting the final paper work together is horrible, so if you do choose to to, PLEASE START the second to last of your term. because no one will help you. this place had me almost having anxiety attack over it all with no direction.

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Want to be a dental assistant? Don’t go here! I went ten years ago and was certified as an EFDA/EFODA. (That’s your dental assistant license). My sister just graduated, 17 k in loans later), and was not given the hours needed to get her license. Now she’s scrambling to get the required 100’s of required on the job hours to get her licensure on her own. Not. Good.

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Overall Rating:

Stay away!!!!!!!!!! I was told I could to go another state and a get job. Nope just more useless student loans. I called Aurora Office 18 times from 2017 to present for help. They never answer there phones and surprise I get phone my phone blown up to enroll and better my future. I tell the people I'm a alumni and needing the Carreer office they transfer me and the cycle starts agian.

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Overall Rating:

I am writing this review to inform you how great this institution is. My wife is set to graduate next month from Medical Assistant Program. I myself have never attended this program or school for this matter. She decided to work after being unemployed for quite a long time. Even though she had a High School Diploma from Fiji Islands, it was invalid here in States because Fiji Schools doesn't give transcripts. At first Concorde College said she can not attend due to no High School transcripts, this was really heart breaking for my wife as she really wanted to work as a Medical Assistant. There is a very nice lady named Shannon working in the admissions dept, she advised that my wife take the GED and apply to the Medical Assistant program. She coached and motivated my wife, and called her almost everyday to give it a shot at GED. Thank goodness because of Miss Shannon my wife studied and passed her GED within three weeks. Once admitted to the program, the teachers were really helpful and helped her in every possible manner. She is graduating with honors 4.0 GPA. They not only teach the theory, but their practical portion of the program is very vigorous. She did twenty or more blood draws and injections, and became quite good at it. I am a Respiratory Therapist, and was frequently assisting her during her assignments and studies, I found out the program was detailed and went over the things a Medical Assistant will face in his/her daily routines at work. My hearty thanks to her instructors including Mrs. Anita, Miss Laura, Mrs Jennifer and Mr. Yohan , for bringing out her self confidence and believing in her.

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Address: 1704 South Slappey Boulevard

Place: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Medium

General Phone Number: +22943035000656

Institution is active in current year: 1

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