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At the Chattanooga State Community College through Visual and Performing Arts program you can obtain degrees of such award levels: Award of less than 1 academic year, Associate's degree. The classes of this program will be held at 4501 Amnicola Hwy.

The average total number of students of all degrees engaged in this specialty is 67 or more and 38.8% of students are men.

Chattanooga State Community College campus is safe for students with 0.03% of maximum crimes a year. Aggravated assault and burglary are the most often detected crimes. Academic/career counselling and employment services available for students. 12% of students get financial aid.

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Well, finally it is the time to update this review.I was letting the anger, frustration or every bad feeling about this school to cool down, to fade out, to let go: 2 years after graduation; after a warm and nice day I had in LA; after received a decent pay from my job, I finally decide to write it down with a strong belief that I can do my best to keep this comment as objective as possible.Here we go.I went to Coe College in the year of 2011, Bachelor of Music, Composition program, you might know who I am because there are only few students in this program. If, there is possible to give a negative score on Google, I will give it as low as possible.Here are some facts:1. During these years that I had in this college, I had been forced to change three composition teachers each year. My education suffered tremendous impact due to this. Neither of these two teachers / professors had idea that where my path of education should go next after their predecessor left the school. These three teachers, the first one was a decent professor for sure; the next one was a "professor" who was believed to be still pursuing his doctor degree in University of Iowa by the time him left. The third one, who is still teaching at there, is a local high school teacher doing the part-time job. Meanwhile, the Coe College still advertising their system as liberal art college where one professor teaches few students.2. The music department is very conservative. They have a DAW lab in the B1 floor of Marquis Hall with Pro Tools 11 and Logic 9; but sadly only few knows how to use Pro Tools to record or how to use Logic to score a film. But after you graduated, these are the very basic techniques letting you to survive in this industry.3. Over priced. It is happened to be a common in all these comments. Seriously, , I paid $23,000 each years to "hire" a high school teacher teaching me how to write music. Before the school I published four studio albums and produced many artists in both China and Japan! I just don't know how to play an classical instrument so many conservatories in the U.S. wouldn't accept me.So, If you had a same problem, go to a for-profit or easy-to-apply school in the cities where the industry grows, like New York, LA, Bay Area, Atlanta or Nashville. Study and go for internship, you can learn much more in the studio while you are working with famous artist and producer - even you just are making coffee for them. Plus $80,000 is enough for you to start your own records label or a small audio engineer business in almost anywhere. Ain't nobody gonna care about what DEGREE you have if you're working in the entertainment industry!Let's go back a talk about these composition professors. When I first got into the school, I had a argue with my first composition teacher. Yet I still respect him and admire him all time. He told me that if I want to do commercially successful music, pop song or rnb, I should leave the school right now. I should listen to him and I wouldn't waste so many years and so much money as I did now. The second one, I remember he criticized many nowadays music just because it made by MIDI and electronic instruments. I remember he also loved to criticize ordinary listener who cares about lyrics more than music; as well as "songwriting is always bigger than composing." He hates pop, RnB and Hiphop for sure because these music "almost and always only using one chord". The third teacher, as I mentioned, is a high school teacher who part-times here as a "professor".So, seriously, try to avoid this school please. College education is an investment toward yourself. I invested $23,000 a year and ends up nothing, no connect, no experience but a debt that you needs to pay for next 10 years. If you have a dream, or want to live a better life, go to a big city, even it is a for-profit or low ranking school.

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A wonderfully quaint academic setting.

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They will suck you dry for as much money as possible. Many credits will not transfer, and it's just as clicky as high school. The advisor they give you your first year won't even pertain to your desired field of study and will set you up for failure. So so sad I even considered this "school." Just don't.***EDIT: If you eventually try to transfer your classes in order to get a degree that matters, your credits will reflect as almost nothing. They make a small note in the corner of the transcript on how to correctly translate them into something meaningful to EVERY OTHER SCHOOL but you will most likely have to go in and personally point it out. I almost had to retake classes because of this.

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Just. Don't. It's not worth your time or money. Nice staff, but that doesn't add up to the thousands of dollars of debt you'll rack up from one semester.

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If I had to do it all over again I would take my $35,000 for one year of Coe and pay for 4 years at a place like a University in sunny San Marcos Texas. The place is cold, the town is filthy and it stinks. The people are trashy. There is NOTHING to do! On top of it all, they are Nazis about the student rules. If you break a rule, they put it on your record and try to prevent you from advancing in your life. It was a HUGE mistake!!! Don't go to this antiquated institution of higher education. These days, the research University is the international model of higher education. Not some po-dunk overpriced liberal arts college. It is a waste of money and your life.

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Address: 4501 Amnicola Hwy

Place: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Large

General Phone Number: +4236974400

Institution is active in current year: 1

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