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  • Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years 36

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At the Georgia Northwestern Technical College through Dental Support Services and Allied Professions program you can complete degrees of such award levels: Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years. The classes of this program will be held at One Maurice Culberson Drive.

The average total number of students of all degrees engaged in this specialty is 36 or more and 2.8% of students are men.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College campus is safe for students with 0.02% of maximum crimes a year. Burglary is the most frequently detected crimes. Academic/career counselling and employment services available for students. 9% of students are awarded with financial aid.

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Overall Rating:

Class of 2010, INE. Good school.

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CDL A Program, DO NOT GO HERE! So here were my concerns for future students thinking about enrolling at this school & particular this program. You have Tony M. the Lead. This is the instructor that is in charge of other instructors. Since day one of class every time I asked him a question he didn’t know the answer or said let me find that out. Once again I currently have my CDL B w/ airbrakes & all my other classmates on have regular driver’s licenses. So my permit for my CDL A looked a little different from my classmates, I only had 3 exams & they had 7 exams to take to obtain our CDL A. So Tony told me that Penndot made a mistake on my permit and I had to go back and get it fixed. Well the reason Tony said that is because he never had a student in this program before that already had a CDL, so his immediate response was that someone else made a mistake. Well I wasn’t going to Penndot because I know I didn’t need airbrakes cause I already have them, so my wife contacted penndot and got the answer that I knew all along. My permit was correct & I didn’t need what all my other classmates needed. I continued to ask him to schedule me for my CDL test and he kept blowing smoke up my A** saying that he can’t until he has all his hours are in; (BTI requires 160 hours) which is a bunch of bull. This is the course breakdown: 50 hours of classroom time- that’s a lie, only in classroom four 10 hour days, where is the other 10 hours coming from? 50 hours (Range/ Backing) that gets done because the instructors don’t won’t to take us on the road; we have to tell them that we want to go on the road. And 60 hours of road time. Now what if a student misses a day or 2, leaves early, comes late? Do they have to make it up? According to Tony, yes they have to make it up. No they do not have to make it up, so how are they fulfilling their 160 hours? Reason I’m saying this cause I have classmates in my class that have missed a day or two, left during class, came in late & they are still done the same day as me & I didn’t miss any days.. HMM sounds like falsifying students records to make them have all there hours. Another reason I’m saying this is because Tony stated to us that our class was over on April 11, 2019. My wife argued with me stating that is 5 weeks and I told her that’s what Tony said. Well I received a call last night 4/3/2019 around 7ish from Tony stating that our last day of class is tomorrow 4/4/2019. Mind you this is the lead at BTI, he doesn’t even know when the program ends and is in charge of other employees, & I see a big problem there. Let’s talk about Delores, another instructor that has been there about 3 weeks, she can’t drive the truck properly or do pre-trips the right way, students have to correct her when other students miss things. She supposedly “bumped her head” on the truck a day that Tony was out getting eye surgery and no one saw her do it. Now she has a concussion, I call Bulls***! I think that is pretty shady. Oh & when we went out on the road there were seven people in the truck, some sitting on the floor of the truck while students are driving. 1st off is that legal??? RED FLAG Oh and they day she “bumped her head” she sent us home early and said SHH “we were here till 5”. RED FLAG, falsifying our student hours & properly her timesheet as well. Then there is Kevin, another worthless instructor, all I have seen him do was eat, stand with his hands in his pockets, & sit in the shed. I have not once seen him drive a truck or say a word. Now what type of instructor is that? Here is the kicker, one of my classmates got let go from the class on his 3RD wk, because he wasn’t catching on as fast as others. Now isn’t that the instructors responsibility to help the students, not everyone learns the same. WRONG & UNFAIR! There is so much misleading and false information on the website about this program. You can earn your CDL A in 4 weeks or less- TOTAL LIE!!

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Overall Rating:

The cdl traing is a joke , you pay way to much for a 5week course ,one instructor kevin ,does nothing ,and where payin him ? , the course does not help people who currently have a cdl b with air brakes , its all about money ,no answers ever given , look elsewhere save your money

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I graduated from here last year (2018) and had mixed experiences with the school. While being a student here the school changed ownership multiple times. (4 if I remember correctly) Every time being promised better computers and books and other things for classes. I was in the drafting department and had pretty decent teachers. The issue was the books and the computers and the printer were all dated and needed updating. Now that I have left I do know they got New updated books, The computers have been cleaned up a bit, and the school bought a new Plotter finally after a year with none. Maybe the school is finally heading in the right direction. Courses were to short for what was required to learn as well. Should've/ could've easily been a 3-4 year program and not 21 months.

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I graduated from the business program. While the program was great and the teachers amazing, I'm now having trouble getting my transcripts because I have a small balance owed to the school that I was never told about until i went to get my transcripts. I started a new job and am in need to show my transcripts but the school is refusing to even release them to my Supervisor. Now I'm at risk of losing my job. They're no help what so ever, all they keep saying is, i don't know what to tell you but the balance needs to be paid before we can release them. Guess I lose my job and the ability to pay my student loans or support my family. Thanks BTI!!

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