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Ann Marie's World of Beauty School offers 3-degree programs.

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Ann Marie's World of Beauty School offers 3 programs in total: 3 are for 1-year, but less than-2-year certificate programs.

This is one of the lowest number of programs in comparison with other 481 universities in New York state. Ann Marie's World of Beauty School is one of the few institutions in New York that offers a 1-year, but less than-2-year certificate program.


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Here you can find the data on instructional activity in measured in total credit and/or contact hours delivered by institutions during a 12-month period. Also we shown the New York state average data to help you compare.


Ann Marie's World of Beauty School provides coursework for undergraduate students оnly.

In 2014-2015 academic year estimated full-time equivalent undergraduate enrollment was 7 students with 6000 сontact hours for 12-month instructional activity period.

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Student Reviews and Ratings for Ann Marie's World of Beauty School

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating:

The worst experience of my life. Anne Marie is schizophrenic, hateful, and needs help. She also needs to stop having negative reviews deleted from other websites like Yelp. Still I'm glad to see other students who were traumatized by her making an effort to get the word out. You will not learn anything useful because her techniques are flat out wrong like foiling or outdated like how to layer. Sorry but no one wants 90s hair, not even in Binghamton. You will not be able to get your license from what she teaches you. She will bully you very badly and make you feel worthless. I know teachers can be tough and hair stylists can be neurotic (especially if they're good) but this is not the case. She is clueless and crazy. Reminds me of Sarah Palin. Not all there, if you know what I mean. I would never want to work for a ticking time bomb, nice one day until she explodes and takes it out on you or some sorry customer.

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Overall Rating:

Let me start out by saying I was one of those students who tried to get away with everything and anything i.e not doing homework, coming in late or just not doing what I was asked. If you do NOT like to learn, be lazy or not do homework this is not the school for you. Its a very structured school and you will have to work and learn everyday that you are there! She goes above and beyond with the teaching that she does because she knows what it is like in the real world working and trying to survive in a salon. In this day in age you can't fake it until you make it. After I graduated and started working in a salon her teaching came full circle. I seen stylist that don't really know what they were doing and they have been working for awhile. They all said 'I wish I went to school where you went" If you want to attend school here you better be ready to LEARN, do homework and WORK. It is not a easy field to study in but after practicing over and over you will get it! You get so much practice and education at AnnMarie's that you will be confident when you graduate. So once again if you want to go to school here be ready to WORK and LEARN the entire time you are in class. Everything will come full circle trust me!! Best of wishes to you all!!!

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Overall Rating:

Jessica brown must be daydreaming because my granddaughter is mulatto and we have been going there since last September, and I never seen anything out of the way of people getting mad and Ann Marie getting angry about anything. All I know is she seems to be very professional and a good teacher. My granddaughter and I meet Ann Marie at Walmart in vestal and offered us a free hair straightening for one time,and to help teach her students on different types of hair. Ann Marie is very kind and has always treated me and my granddaughter with respect every time we have went there.And we have never been seeing signs of Ann Marie being racist at all. And I don't believe that Ann Marie would hit or swear at anybody. And before anyone believes what Jessica says, you should go meet and meet Ann Marie personally because she is nothing like what Jessica says and her cosmetology school is very nice and the students are very nice, and well mannered. Also she is a very respected teacher :)

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

Overall Rating:

My experience was so negative (traumatic is more like it). PLEASE READ AND BE WARNED. I think other people should know what they're getting themselves in to.Ann Marie is the worst teacher I've ever had because she is highly unskilled and mean. She continuously belittled me with statements like how are you ever going to get a job doing it like that, this is crap, your parents should be disappointed in you, don't waste my time, etc. I noticed that she did this to a lot of the other students as well and this created a very hostile working environment. The students then became mean toward each other, there was a lot of competition, and everyone wanted to please Ann Marie so cliques developed. Also, and this is why I say the experience is traumatic, she constantly talked negatively about the customers behind their backs and would have us do it to. One time, a black woman came in and didn't want Ann Marie to cut her hair so she asked for me because I'm also African American. Ann Marie pulled me aside and whispered wreck that woman's hair but style it so she won't be able to tell until she gets home. she has n*gger hair so won't be able to tell anyways. Keep in mind that I'm ALSO an African American woman. I got mad and told her that she was being inappropriate. She told me to leave the salon but as soon as I left to go to my car, she came out started swearing at me for making her look bad in front of her students and customers. Then (and I am so serious) she STARTED HITTING ME! I knew better to slap her back so called the police and filed a report.As you can see, the experience was so traumatic. As a result of Ann Marie, I no longer want to be a hair stylist. She completely ruined my self confidence. On top of that, when I did try to get a job after leaving her salon, I was told by EVERY SINGLE SALON that she has a bad reputation in the area for not teaching students well. Her skills are outdated. She doesn't prepare students well at all.I know this review seems pretty scathing. I could care less about Ann Marie since I believe in karma. But I do think potential customers and students should know what they're getting themselves into. I was fooled by how nice Ann Marie was in the beginning and how she was quick to brag about herself, her salon, etc. But something is very off about this woman and this place. There are many other beauty schools in the area that are professional, will prepare you well, and will treat you like an actual human being. And more importantly, as an African American woman and someone who values equality, I WILL NOT be patronizing a place that is so obviously racist and discriminatory.

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Overall Rating:

Hi I'm Kelsey, I go to school at AnnMaries World of Beauty. You learn a lot she’s a good teacher and helps you do the right thing, and Ms Ann got me a Job! : ). Ms Ann goes over the steps and has you write notes while she teaches. The kit is wonderful! And it like no other! You cannot be on your cell phone only when you are on break but it only because Ms Ann wants you to learn! Students learn in the class room and in the student salon. Ms Ann is a nice teacher and will teach you to be better as a person and a hair stylist. I'm glad that I chose this school because I feel wonderful. There are only 10 students in the class and my classmates all get along nicely and I like it because you can learn more from having one on one with the teacher. There’s a lot to learn and sometimes it can be hard but it is worth it.... :] I love the education I would not change the way she teaches or the way she runs the school for anything. I'm learning and studying she get on you but I'm glad she does cause she’s a caring teacher and her goal is to have you be successful!

Source of the review: Google Places, Google Maps™

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