About us

Search.University is the place to get all the information about colleges and universities to make the right choice in your life and build a successful career.

You can discover the information yourself or save your time and buy an automated personalized report built by our intelligent tool. The tool analyzes a number of parameters specified by you and generates a list of universities for admission based on these parameters.

With Search.University, it's easy to:

  1. Find detailed information about any college or any program you interested in.
  2. Browse colleges by location or find all schools near you.
  3. Search and filter the list of more than 7500 universities by things that matter.
  4. Compare colleges.
  5. Check university rankings.
  6. Participate in scholarship competitions.

We use only open and trustworthy sources of information such as U.S. National Center of Education Statistics and U.S. Department of Education.

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