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TOP10 Colleges and Universities in the US with the Highest Graduation Rate

"While some people claim that it doesn’t matter where someone goes to college, graduates of the most selective colleges often earn more than graduates of less selective public universities. They are also employed at higher rates than community colleges and get more calls from potential employers than graduates of online universities."[1]

2-year 4-year

Earn 3x more with a degree!

The average annual earnings of workers age 18 and over with an advanced degree is $74,602. This compares with $51,206 a year for those with bachelor’s degrees, $27,915 for those with a high school diploma only and $18,734 for those without a high school diploma.[4]

Highest Tuition: $89,406

Aerosim Flight Academy, Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology and Hallmark Institute of Photography all cost more than $70,000 a year. That's more than 7 times that the majority of students pay.

Be smart: 44% of full time undergrads pay less than $8,883/year for tuition.

The average cost for tuition and fees at 2-year colleges is: $12,742[4]


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